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Eye Contact ;)

Eye contact is my favourite kind of flirting, doesn't matter where. When i'm passing someone in the street or supermarket or even when i'm driving and stop at traffic lights, there's nothing more cheeky and momentarily exciting than giving them that certain look and teasing them a bit... and men seem to fall for it every time. ;)

Although...sometimes it can turn out to be a bit awkward....
Once I over-took a guy on the dual carriageway and gave him a cheeky smile as I zoomed past in my wee car... we had a game of racing on the road and as i pulled in to the slow lane for my turn off, he thought i was pulling in to the lay-by! (no chance, creep) I kept on driving and stopped at the next set of lights and looked to my right to see the guy staring at me through his car window. As the lights turned green, he started to make hand gestures, suggesting that I followed him. Wishful thinking, but flattering all the same!
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can you feel my eyes searching yours? searching for your thoughts, trying to figure out what your wants, needs and desires heart skips a beat as I see your lips begin to form that shy but erotic smile.....

and then you drove off

looking into your beautiful eyes, seeing your flirtatious smile is all that I expected....I did not expect you to stop along the side of the road, no, you are not stupid

but you made my day, you gave me a smile and for a brief moment, you gave me something to think about besides life's daily troubles....and for that, I am greatfull to you....thanks for

Eye contact flirting can be very arousing, especially if you have a vivid imagination, like I do.....If you are good at it, which it sounds like you are, I could go home, close my eyes, and envision what the rest of you looks like.

I love to flirt