Tease Him Like A Pro To Excite Him Before Sex....

It's undoubtedly men's most desired fantasy. But teasing isn't meant just to excite him.

The expressions in his eyes will make you yearn for him more than ever. To make your nights in white satin even more pleasurable, here are some new tricks to try out...

Initial Games begins in the day

Text him. Give a teaser to what's waiting for him at night. Let him imagine. Don't give away too much, yet let him understand that a steamy night lies ahead.

Learn the right moves

Learn some new dance moves. Download a few videos of Jennifer Lopez or Shakira to learn a few hip moves that'll be an almost eye-popping experience for him.

Remember the three Ts

Do not forget about the three Ts during your performance. Striptease is all about Tempting, Tantalising and Teasing. Walk up and down the room, flirt, flick your hair around while gyrating your body. But do not let your man touch you till you want him to!

Tie him up!

Take a sexy colourful scarf and tie his hands to the bed pole. If your bed does not have a pole, then just cuff him with your scarves. Let him know the rules. Even if he can open it, he can't. Tell him you'll sleep in another room if he tries to free himself.

Wear his shirt

The easiest way to get his attention while taking off clothes is to wear his oversized shirt and tie, loosened up. Shorts or just sexy underwear underneath is enough to have him salivating. Stockings and boots work wonders too. Wearing the right clothes is the key. Make sure you know what he likes to take off your body. Sport that bright red lipstick and slightly smear it, apply a blusher below the neck to highlight your assets. Opt for smoky eyes.

Play a tease

You are allowed to touch him during the performance but he is not allowed to touch you - in any way. It's your time to play, woman. Allow only his eyes and imagination to roam. Strut around swinging your hips from side to side till he cannot bear to watch you any more without doing anything.

Don't switch the lights off

Keep the lights on. Create a exciting and sexy ambience. You have to make sure you have the right lights in your room. Ideally, the lights shouldn't be too dim or too bright. Get lights that can be regulated.

Step by step

Take him through your sex song step by step. Sliding off the jacket slowly, shrug your shoulders one by one so it slides off. Remove one arm but don't drop your jacket too soon. Let him imagine some more. Hold it over your assets with both hands. Then turn around and throw the jacket somewhere near him. You need to go slow with your performance so it excites him to the core.

Your hands are his hands

Touch yourself the way he would want to touch you. Drop your inhibitions. Men love to see their women touching themselves on the erogenous zones in the most loving ways.
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2011

Lol the only way I can dance. Very helpful instite from a male point of view.

wow very interesting

Well, this is very helpful for me LOL! I should learn all techniques then. Thanks!