Because They Need To Hear It

So many young girls grow up not being told that they are beautiful or smart. They end up being "overly needy" because they weren't given a proper dosage of love and attention.

They buy into the fairy tales that were read to them as children and don't see that life can be far different than a children's book.

When they are in their pre-teens they are bombarded with messages telling them that they have to use this product or wear that item to be considered beautiful.  That is advertising hogwash.

It doesn't get any better as they get older.  Everything from being told we have to wear a certain kind of bra, wear a certain type of blush or lipstick to attract someone is just silly.  They start believing that they have to do painful things to their body to be noticed.  When they don't get noticed, they do even more painful things to themselves.

People in general but especially young girls need to be told that they are beautiful because they are.  We are all God's creation and are made beautiful by our creator.  Our true beauty comes from the inside out which is why people who aren't known for their stunning looks are considered beautiful because of their beautiful soul.

When people wonder why a "hot looking" man is with a woman who might be considered overweight or dumpy looking, they don't get it.  He is with her because he has inner vision.  He sees the true beauty within her and that is far more powerful than outer beauty.

I tell girls and women that they are beautiful because inside and/or out they are.
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One of your stories was featured in an email/ newsletter from EP, and reading it made me feel much better after a bad situation. I have now read quite a few, and while I apologise for the intrusion, I also want to say Thank You for this story. You have no idea how much difference you have made, and how much hope I now have.

I don't know which story of mine was featured from EP but I'm glad that it made you feel better. Thank you for your kind words.

You're welcome.
It was the story about your second date with your husband.

I loved your view<3 thank you for sharing

Thank you for your comment.

I love how you are inspiring to others. That is something I admire about you. *Hugs.*

Thank you honey.