So my crush of 3 years (let's just call her "G"). Anyways as I've said in another "experience" I love to call G pretty because she blushes and smiles and is all like "awww thanks!" and thats just cheers to me :) but today was different...:

She called me beautiful!!!! :D <333

It was amazing! As usual, we were talking in study hall (as friends) and we have this inside joke about "making my day". And today I was all like "wow G, you didn't make my day today, imma cry!" I said it in a joking way. And then she's like "well what if I told you that you're beautiful?" and I was like "haha you don't think that, I'm fugly!" and she's like "no you're not. You're gorgeous. Stunning" and so I told her she was lying and she's like "I'm not lying, you're beautiful!" yeahhh that made my day! <333 knowing that the girl I love thinks I'm "stunning" or "beautiful" ;D happy day! :)
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I like to tell girls they are beautiful too and then i get 0,o~