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I was playing a gig at a rather large (3-400 guests) private party at a country club and my band was the second of three -- the perfect spot for scoping the crowd for hot women and potential sex partners for after the gig.During our set I noticed a very cute blonde in a rather short, tight, very pink dress. After a whiIe she started dancing and shook what-her-mama-gave-her and it was fine!! I could see her checking me out from the dance floor, too. Mmm, this was starting to look promising. She disappeared before my set was over and I was afraid some other fellow had scooped her up and was going to enjoy her feminine charms. Alas, you can't lose what you never had, but on the other hand...So, I broke down my gear as quickly as I could, loaded it out to the car and lo and behold, I spied that pretty pink dress inside, just as I was moving my car back to the parking lot. I hurried back inside and made my way through the crowd until I spied her again. Hot dog, she looked fine!! About 5'1", probably 10 years younger than me, short, light blonde hair, very pretty face, beautiful proportions, deliciously callipygous, small perky breasts, nice legs, and pretty little feet in some very nice strappy heels (one, no two, of my favorite things). I put my cool on and went up to her, introduced myself and thanked her for dancing. She blushed a little, said thanks, told me her name and asked if I liked her little pink dress. I said I did very much and that she made it look fabulous. We chatted a bit, I bought us a round of drinks, we chatted and flirted some more and I asked her if she wanted to step outside with me for a few minutes to smoke a joint. She said she wouldn't smoke, but would like to come outside with me. It is worth mentioning here that she was a little tipsy.Out we went, around the back of the building to a semi-secluded area. I lit up up and smoked a little while we chatted. She stood close to me and her body language was welcoming, so after a few hits I put the joint out and moved closer, took her in my arms and passionately kissed her. She responded with soft, warm lips and a mouth that slowly opened to receive my tongue and lightly suck it. We made out for several minutes standing up and I decided we needed to be horizontal, so I picked her up, cradled her in my arms, and gently laid her down on the grass.She responded with a soft moan while I slipped my hand under her dress onto her bare breast. Her skin was so soft and her breast was at once soft and firm. It felt heavenly in my hand. I kissed, caressed, nibbled her neck and ear, suckled and teased her nipples. She moaned and began to rock her hips. I slipped my hand under her dress, pushed her panties aside a placed my hand over her shaved *****. It was very warm and I could tell without entering, already wet. I caressed her ***** and **** and put my fingers inside of her hot *****. She rocked and moaned and started talking dirty. She wanted to know about my ****. She asked me if it was big, and if it was hard. And it was very hard! I was pretty sure she wanted me to **** her, but I love to give head and I had to taste that beautiful little ***** before I did. So down I went.Oh. my. god. Her ***** was probably the sweetest I've ever tasted! And she loved being eaten. It was so much fun! It felt so good, it tasted so good, and it was just so gratifying to be with a hot young woman who was so responsive!! I felt GOOD!!I cupped her *** in my hands. I licked and sucked and tongue ****** and licked her taint and licked and tongue ****** her *** hole while she ground her crotch into my face, moaning louder and louder, talking dirty in between moans. and squirming more and more. It was heavenly!Suddenly, I felt her body start to tighten and then start ******* gently. I thought "Oh boy, she's *******!! This is fantastic!" I kept eating her, but something wasn't quite right. The spasms of her body weren't like what I was familiar with in my sexual experiences. They seemed out of rhythm, somehow. So, I looked up at her to see her head turned to one side and a neat little pile of vomit that had just found its way to the outside world on the ground next to her.Aw jeez...!! I quickly got my handkerchief out of my pocket and gave it to her and asked if she wanted to sit up. She did. I helped her sit up and she stabilized after a few minutes. Fortunately, she had avoided any mess on herself that my handkerchief wouldn't take care of, so all was more or less fine.The poor dear was mortified. I tried to allay her worries and soothe her while she regained her composure and reapplied her panties. She stood up, I walked her back inside and made sure she hooked up with her girlfriend with whom she came. I told her to keep my handkerchief in case she needed it again on the way home. I hope she still has it as a memento of a hot time, but I'll bet she doesn't.And here I thought I was getting her off. What a stud...