Living Up To Your Promises

I suppose we all like to consider ourselves thoughtful and caring, don't we? Loyalty to friends, sharing confidences with discretion and tact, supporting them when they have problems - this is how we should be and how we would like to be perceived by others. With loved ones, it is the little gestures I think that sometimes make all the difference - the supportive hug, the gentle kiss, the arm around the shoulder - it doesn't all have to be expressed in the bedroom. Knowing that we are loved and cared for is perhaps the greatest gift we can be given.
How well do we measure up to these ideals. I often find myself wishing (and knowing) that I could and should have done more for people - been there when I was needed, expressed myself better when trying to be helpful, kept my thoughts to myself instead of blurting out my opinion when it wasn't welcome, demonstrated affection more openly when friends and loved ones needed re-assurance.
We all have our problems, our guilt, our secrets, our shortcomings, particularly those of us who lead secret or private lives, whether it be crossdressing or any other form of self expression that may make others around us uncomfortable. Thank goodness there are these forums where we can at least be open with each other if we wish, hopefully receiving sympathetic and supportive responses. (oh, and not forgetting to have lots of fun as well!! - lets not become too philosphical here).
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Aug 4, 2010