I am encouraged by re-reading some of my past thoughts, glad to have been able to word something, that isn't always easy to express - as in the following -

When reacting to something, then things can make sense, the possibilities become finite, many will use this as a springboard for discussion, which will be a depth giver to thought, feeling and so on. The sense of being human, reversed, inner going out, instead of outer going in. Predominately the inner going out is the more advanced, but whether it is a matter of advancement is not a general fact, when the individual is in the equation. For the individual may be doing the maximal, by doing the minimal. And as the popular saying goes, "Better to remain silent and be thought not dumb, than speak and remove all doubt."

Reasons to pause from constant and ongoing public activity are gurgling and bubbling within, I have to practice restraint here to blurt out reasons, but let it all germinate within, so that there is the inner satisfaction of what is said, is what I wanted to say after saying it. To look ahead before action to when the action is past, and be able to be all well. A state of all is well may also be allowed to be of the not taking things too seriously, but that is also an alley where folly as poisonous moss grows too abundantly, and which my nervosity is too attentive to, in the dark saggy drooping way.
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I know what you mean! So many conflictions, burning their way to consciousness. Better to settle and be settled, than unsettle.

For the most part, yeah, unsettling might be like opening a window and letting some fresh air in though. That's the invigorating angle :)

I am open...