Hair Bondage

A great way to tie up girls with very long hair is to braid her hair in a single plait that falls down behind her back.the girl is tied in a hogtie position but instead of her feet being tied to her hands her long plait is tied to her feet. This position is fairly tough and care should be taken.

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You can also braid rope into the hair and therefore have lots of options as to how to tie it off. I like to bring it up between her legs and tie it off to the ring on her collar, or to an overhead beam or branch.<br />
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A girl you could tie her hands behind her back with her own hair would be a great find.

Yes. I love fetishes. I am just afraid to try some of them for fear of my wife laughting herself to death.

It seems that it would take quite a while to braid their extreemly long hair and tie them up. I would use a soft rope that would restrain them but not hurt them. I would try to make sure they were in a comfortable position, because they would be there a long time. I love the story and mental picture it projects, though.