Hot Wax And Satan's ***

In the midst of what could have been one of the hottest (ironically it may still have been the hottest.....) encounters of my life thus far, a candle unexpectedly came into play. Seeing the eyes of my entertainer for the evening glow and flicker with dangerous enticement like the flame of the candle itself excited me and made me even hotter... My cheeks flushed, like they would if I'd been caught doing something naughty.. my body started to chill with aching anticipation of the feeling that would inevitably be its fate - one I've never experienced before. I imagined unbearable, agonizing, and delicious heat. The kind of heat that hijacks my muscles, my body, my mind, all of me, when I ***. I imagined a feeling of hightened awareness - of my physicality, my body, my sweet spots.. and of my momentary lover's intentions. I was caught. Caught in a moment of total elation. And I could feel my entire body react to the anticipation... curious, excited, scared to death and so ******* wet. I felt like if I had brushed against a strangers fingertip, any hot piece of flesh, a mother ******* chair.... and I would have ***....... HARD. Good. I wanted it. I needed it.
And then came the wax. Pouring onto me like he ******* vomited burning acid on my stomach. No drips, no dribbles... not even a coincidental splash onto a hard, oh so ready nipple. I feel like Satan just came all over my stomach. Still burns. Still icing it. ****.
Hot wax: 1
Lili: 0
P.S. Boys... not trying to be preachy, but when it comes to a girl's first ANYTHING - do it right, or just don't to it at all. We never forget our firsts. Ever.
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There is a saying that "being a man means making someone happy besides yourself."

Damn, that was hot!