I Love To Touch Myself When I Am Full

of my husband's ***. I love to make love, be filled with him, get dressed go out, and feel him inside me.  I have such a difficult time not touching myself when it might be inappropriate, as  soon as I get a moment I have to.  It is always so amazing!   
wifekinky4herman wifekinky4herman
51-55, F
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Oh how i love to play with my *** filled *****! I almost never wear pants or panties after sex because i love to be able to slip my fingers in the slippery goo oozing out of my well ****** *****...

oh my oh my oh my, a kindred spirit

so delicious...I will fantasize of it forever..................being filled up to the top and dressing hot and then going out on the town.


That's pretty sexy

and so much fun

That's awesome.