I Have Some Travel Experiences To Share....

I had a good time, I have traveled to many different places. One time I went to a place in Oklahoma, it was a river. I think it was called the Illinois River. We noticed it was cold. It had
a lot of rocks in the bottom also. We traveled and went in some cabins. They were shaped like an A. I went with my grandparents and my brother.

Another time, I went to the lake with my family when I was really little. I went with all of my siblings and cousins, and my mom. I think back about it. It was neat because we were all

I went to a lake when I was a little older with my family called "Lake Draper"
It was fun because they had monkey bars that I played on a lot. Also, I would
chase my brother around and try to tag him. You could not swim in that lake
but I would play outside in the fresh air. They had large slides also. Sometimes
we would get a snack and other times we would bring our own.
lea1307 lea1307
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012