Toilets of the World

i like to travel just to experience new toilets.

I first noticed foreign toilets when i went to France as a boy with my parents . When i had to go my mum took me to the toilet block and there in the floor was a ceramic hole in the floor with two foot places either side. What if you slipped ?, my mum had to hold me , i didnt think it was normal and   paised  the lord for the English Channel.  Later on in life i went to Germany where  i was exposed to their style of toilet that looks normal but has a little ledge in it. This i called the "odourtorium" but i was advised that it was so you could check your "buisness" for worms . Now i dont know about you but in my book the idea is to get stool from bottom to under water in the fastest possibe time . It takes all sort i suppose. Next it was Greece , now theres a place . There toilets to look normal but the sewer pipes are of such a small bore that you cant put anything down there like paper or "stuff" , now if its 45 degrees and you have got your nose close to a small bin with "wippings" in its  no joke , and to think they are now part f the EEC !!!. So on to Jamaica , now then !!!! . I stayed with friends in the country side and couldnt wait to see their facilities. It wasnt for the faint hearted i can tell you. It was a 7ft square hole about 10ft deep (so i was told) that had planks across half of it , where you could standand the other half had a bench constructed over it with 2 holes cut in like a "bomb bay door". Now the entier thing was covered with a corriigated tin sheet structure. Upon entering the first thing you had to do was swipe the seat with a grass whip in order to clear the area of cockroaches and lizards etc. then carry on . The wipe was taken are of by 4 inch squares of the  Daily Gleaner newspaper hung up on string on the back of the door. All good and well i hear you say !! , well it was until i made what proved to be the hidious mistake of going at midday when the sun had heated the corrigated tin hut and also the contents of the pit to a  putrid liquid mass. I cant (for the sake of taste and descentcey ) relate what went on when i had a number 2  but  just think  "splash back"  and youll get the  picture. This event  traumertisedme for years to come and nearly put me off travel for good. But i soldiered on. Next came a backpacking holiday around Spain , which i could write a book on just on its own , but i must inform you of the toilets on the trains. These again look normal enough but whatever you did went straight on the tracks below , ok if whizzing through the desserts of central spain , but with so many young backpackers on the trains the people who had had a dodgey paella (and there were many ) couldnt wait and so the stations became a very unpleasent place indeed. Now Uzbeckistan , there tolets where ok but had the most horrific odours i have ever endured. At this point i feel i must get approval from my fellow travellers before i go on or even attempt to explain the toilets of    Eygpt , India or Luxemberg. . If you want more or you to have had toilet experiences around the world let me know.

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good grief! never thought Id have any interest in things like that, but you have me morbidly curious about more toilets....