Learn By Doing...

I don't understand the statements made by those that they hate something they have never tried or they judge something that they have never experienced, as bad or different.  How else do we learn, reach out, rejeuvenate our lives if we do not try all that is given to us - opportunities are rare raindrops that are sent to give us a sense of replenishment, with the potential to give us a new outlook, new friends and a new interest in life.

I like ot say Yes to most things that I know will shake me from my comfort zone- things that I tend to appreciate having tried, as even if they do not prove to be that great or special, they do prove to give me an experience- and what else is life a collection of if not memories, knowledge and experiences.

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3 Responses Jul 10, 2008

F...you nailed it...getting out of my comfort zone has been my biggest accomplishment of my last two years. (My comfort zone was already wider than 90% of the planet, but widening it further has made my life that much more exciting.) Glad you didn't inherit your parents simplicity, kid!

I agree. This question was exemplified in the lives of my parents; my mother always open to new experiences, my father perfectly content with the experiential meat-and-potatoes he knew he liked.<br />
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I am more like my mother.

I think it's best to have an open mind and don't rule out anything. This is the way I try to live my life and it seemingly works, I've found happiness from the craziest of ideas.