Hi girls, I was just wondering if anyone has had any adverse effect from tucking for a long period of time?

Over the years I've had a couple of urinary tract infections. My doctor gave me some antibiotics and it went away, but she said if it keeps happening we'll need to run some tests on my penis, "****". Luckily it's been quite a few years since then and she's left that part of me alone.

But recently I noticed some of the veins getting a bit bigger, almost like a bulge.

Just wondering if any one else has had any problems and what they did about it.

Hugs and kisses, Jessica
51-55, T
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At the beginning was difficult for me too, but I think the tucking improvement is more related to an expansion of the channels than to a testes reduction. Anyway also a reduction caused by warmth is probable.<br />
If you are still a little interested in penetration sex make a little training as I described above, to keep an acceptable erection strength. If you prefer any other way don't be afraid to loose your capacity to feel pleasure: the sensitive area as you know is on the top end, and I can ensure that even operated TG can pleasure themselves. Urologists leave a small portion of the top and it works like a real little clitty

holdmaster<br />
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Thanks for your observations.<br />
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The 20% to 30% statement I made is just an educated guess on my part., since I have no pre-tuck measurements on the testes. Certainly something is smaller because they tuck so easily and it was difficult at the beginnning. <br />
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I do achieve erections regularly. In fact, I'm likely doing that for the limited time I am untucked. In some ways the longer parth to ****** is more pleasurable because it is drawn out . Intensity is very satisfying and, at least in my mind, undiminished.<br />
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Perhaps the shrinkage thing I observe is a bit of mind over matter. I want to be smaller, more feminine, and so . . . . it is. <br />
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Thanks again for commenting.

to becnme: believe me, almonds are just a palliative. The only solution to improve fertility is to tuck not continously. In fact heat is a good instrument to control fertility, often used as contractceptive.<br />
No diet supplement or drug is effective if you don't eliminate warmth

well, if you've been doing this for a long time i guess genitals have already accustomed at their most.<br />
Medical literature obviously doesn't describe the problem, so the only solution is to take accurate measures and monitorize any change in the future. Anyway if testicle have become 30% smaller than in the past I'm quite sure they won't get much more smaller.<br />
Consider that a 30% decrease in testicles volume is the usual effect after female hormons therapy, and it's strange you could have achieved it just by tucking (and the heating factor), so a further reduction is far improbable.<br />
About penis I can tell you that a reduction of power and dimension of erection is a side effect of our beloved tucking, as of any other event which prevents penis from spontaneous erections. This phenomenon is observed in males after prostatectomy, if they don't do a sexual rehab ba<x>sed on prostaglandine injections (caverject), and also in people with low testosterone levels and without spontanous erections.<br />
An absence of erections, spontaneous or through a regular sexual stimulation, damages penile tissues, that works as a sponge for blood. It needs to be trained, otherwise that sponge release blood quickly and erections are more difficult and powerful.<br />
So to keep it healthy try to provoke an erection once or twice a day. A better sexual life surely worths some minutes less living your feminine side.

In my case I am not worried about fertility, although I could see how that could be an issue for others.. <br />
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Since I started this, I will lay out here what I have observed. It may be useful to some others here or might invite more comment by people who know more about this.<br />
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When I first began tucking it was very difficult to get both testicles up into the channels. I persisted and it became gradually easier. Now they pop right into place up there. Sometime they don't want to come down for awhile, even when released. (I rather like that. the scrotum sack resembles a vagina somewhat and stroking it is rather erotic.) When they do drop down they don't seem to fill out the sack the way they used to. It generally seems kind of shriveled rather than rounded out. So, it seems obvious that the testicles have become smaller, by maybe 20% to 30%.<br />
<br />
As to my penis, when fully erect it is 3.8 inches now. (That about 9.7 cm for you Canadian and UK types here.) From what I have read elsewhere, that is below the low range of normal. I wish I had measured it before starting this, but it is too late now. I always knew I was kind of small, but I always thought I was at the small end of normal, not below it.<br />
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It also takes a bit longer to get an erection a lot longer to achieve an ***********. I don't mind that at all. It lets me draw out the experience longer and the only time I partner with anyone, male or female, is when I give oral. The ejaculations are still very satisfying. <br />
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So, thus far, this isn’t a problem for me. I don’t mind it if everything really is smaller because it reduces my masculinity. I just wouldn’t want it to progress to the point where I couldn’t pleasure myself.

The extra warmth created by the tight tucking can affect on our fertility. My doctor recommended almonds to help counteract this effect.

I had heard something to that effect, that your penis gets a little smaller if you constantly tuck. But nothing scientific I don't think, just stories from other "gurls" here on EP. I do think mine has shrunk a little, but that could also be from the herbs I've been taking.

Well, I have been doing this 24/7 for awhile and I like it so much and it feels so right to me that I would have trouble giving it up. Still, I am worried about one thing. When I let everything out to play, so to speak, all the parts seem smaller than they did in my pre-tucking days. I don't just mean when released from the tuck, either. I mean even when erect. I never measured my penis or testicles before I started tucking so I can't prove anything scientifically here. I have looked around on the Internet and haven't found any medical evidence on the subject. I even tried posting recently to a transgender resources site, but no answers, so I just don't know.<br />
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I haven't had any of the other problems described, thankfully.

Also these days my **** is so small that all I have to do is pull my panties up tighter and it almost disappears on it's own.

well, I don't think pushing your **** in could be anyhow effective. It has no natural cavity to disappear and the only way is to fold it back and wear panties, or also fix it with medical tape if you are perfectionist. I have a quite small one but I was able to make it disappear just in prepuberal age

Thank you ladies for all the ideas and support, I'll take them all to heart. Although I push my testicles into my body cavity I never tried pushing my **** into it as well. I think it's worth a try. I've noticed that if I tuck just a little more loosely it feels better and doesn't produce the bulging vein like I mentioned before.

you are lucky. I'm going to try staying tucked 24/7 or at least 24/5 from late october, with tight panties and pantyhose on.<br />
I want to test if training give the results I desire

None at all. Mine pretty much for years fall into position naturally. No pain or discomfort and a nice smooth look in slacks and pants.

why is it better to tuck testicles in and not under? is it safer? who gave you this advice?<br />
I think you are really more experienced than me and I'd like to stay tucked in the best way.<br />
I have varicose veins too next to my left testicle

Although we enjoy our flattened crotches so much, tucking is not a natural position for genitals and can lead to some healthy issues.<br />
First of all testicle retention into inguinal ducts surely affects fertility. The effect is variable and somehow reversible. Middle aged cds, with family and children, and homosex tvstites are not much interested in it, but a young eterosex cd as me should be concerned. Obviously there are no medical studies about the effects of tucking on fertility, but it's likely enough that a 24/7 application for months or years won't make easy to have a child in the future.<br />
Then the infections chapter: cystitis is uncommon in adult men, because we have a long urethra and our genital apparatus stays frontward. When tucking we get very closed to females, not only cause of our lovable flattened look: the pee hole is near anus and bacteria can climb up into urethra, but there are contributing factors too. The warmth and the unnatural position of penis fold on scrotus make you sweat more, and a moist and warm enviroment is the best for bacterial growth. I've been very addicted to permanent tucking in the past (24/7 for a couple of month in 2006) and i found very useful to apply talc powder on skin and a drop of moisturizing oil on the edge of penis (expecially if you are circumcised).<br />
To focus on your problem maybe i'll need more details. Are you talking about the venous plexus next to each testicle? If yes it's rather common to feel something like a "worms sack" next to testicle. Venous congestion is not rare there, worsened by weight lifting, uneasy defecation, gym training... and when massive it's named varicocele. The only issue in those case is infertility, and it must be operated in young men. Not a big problem for you, i guess. Maybe testicles' position during tucking increases venous congestion, because inguinal channels sqeezes veins.<br />
Anyway pay attention when putting upwards your testicles: a forced rotation can lead to a very painful testicular torsion, a urology emergency which imposes an immediate orchiectomy.