Practically Without A Penis

This method does not require enduring pain, shaving, tape, any adhesive, or anything special except a tight pair of women’s panties. I suppose you could substitute a tight pair of men’s swim trunks or even men’s bikini style underwear, but where is the fun in that?

Here is how I tuck.

Step 1. Step into the panties, but don’t pull them up all the way. You need room to maneuver in the groin area.

Step 2. Push the testicles as far back up into the channels as you can get them. For the complete newbies here, by “channels” I mean the cavity on a male which is behind the penis and above the testicles. If you have never explored that area and you poke around some - gently - you will be surprised to find out how much room is in there. It feels quite a bit like a vaginal cavity because, well, it is a like a vaginal cavity, modified only to accommodate those unattractive male sex organs. Makes you kind of think that sex reassignment surgery is possible after all, although I wouldn’t indulge that fantasy too far unless you are a very pretty guy. So, in sum, Step 2, push them up out of the way as much as possible and hold them up there. You will get better with practice and your testicles seem to adjust to it after awhile too.

Step 3. Lay your limpid little member down over the testicle sack and push it back between your legs as far as it will go, following the curve of the bones. Hold it there in place. If you did Step 2 right this should hold your testicles (think of them as ovaries now) in place in your “vagina.”

Step 4. Reach behind you with your free hand and grab your penis. Pull it back into your butt crack as tight as you can, consistent with not hurting yourself. (Some people say that they can actually put the head of their penis into their anus. If you can, more power to you. It isn’t possible for little old me.) You can now let go with the hand in front. Keep hold of your penis with the hand to the rear.

Step 5. Using your free hand, pull up those lovely, silky panties snugly to hold everything in place. Give an extra tug in front and then a little sharper, stronger tug in the back to hike them up just a wee bit so they fell a little too tight. After a few moments they will feel just right..

Result: A near perfect, smooth curve between your legs, undetectable in any skirt or dress and even good enough for a ladies swimsuit if it is the type that has a little ruffle or skirt just below the hips. I wouldn’t try it with a ladies bikini, though, unless you are very, very small.

Once your tucked, learn to indulge in the luxury of the sensation. If you are in private, occasionally stroke yourself there. It will give you a tingle to find only a smooth, soft feminine curve. When working in the kitchen in your dress and apron, rub up against the counter once in awhile. Nothing there, nothing to get in the way. Those ugly little reminders of your accidental biological masculinity are out of sight and, you will find after time, pretty much blissfully out of mind. You may even find yourself thinking in even more feminine ways than you do already - and you must be pretty effeminate if you have read this far - knowing and feeling that you are practically without a penis.

For those who want to accessorize, try adding a feminine napkin in the panties - before you tuck. It smooths everything out by a fraction more and adds a soft, comfy female touch. Although a good pair of tight panties should give adequate control to your tucked genitalia, you can enhance the effect if you sheath everything with a girdle and/or nylons.

One of the great things about this is that you can do this anytime, even if you work or go out in public in male clothes. The more you do it, the more confident you will become in having that part of your anatomy in feminine form as much as it is possible to be (short of an operation). You can then concentrate more on your hair, makeup, nails, etc. etc. etc.

Cheers, girls.
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Very clear and helpful.

I am able to tuck my balls and my saggy sack forms labia. My penis is so small that limp, it also tucks right where a woman's **** is and seems to now stay there. It really looks like a vag. If I get excited, my erections now happen inside my body (reversed). I guess it's stretched in there. It feels tight in there and then I rub the glands using the disc jockey method just like my wife does and if I fantasize I can squirt like crazy. ******* this way are so intense.

Thanks I live tucking bit I am getting my for skin to stick in my crack and it is painful and I am looking to change how I do it!

I always keep my clittie tucked between my legs

I stay tucked 24/7 I love the feeling of being tucked. I am so use to been tucked that when I am not i think something is wrong.

I don't have to tuck. After my PCa radioactive seeds have done their work I no longer (no pun) have any thing to hide. Everything has shrunk out of sight. I have to pee siiting down and always wear panty liners. I love my mangina and the wonderful feeling when stroking my "labia" with my fingers to tease my **** and my breasts which have developed nice to fill my lacy A cup bra. .When I jill and with my finger deep in my mangina It is all very natural and I now know what it is like to ****** as a woman.

Before knowing about tucking, 5 years ago, I used to get rid of my unelegant parts just pushing them back between my thighs. That was much effective for front smoothness but there were definitely too many "things" to be stored into small girl panties, and sitting was not so comfortable.<br />
In last years I've used your same method, without annoying tapes. As you said I noticed with pleasure that testicles got adapted and never slide back to the sack.<br />
During the day, while I'm enjoying my flatness, I love to give some extra squeeze down there to push penis backward and testicles inward a little bit more every time

Thanks for the tip...;-)

tried to be your friend not allowed

Try again..;-)

Actually, there is a way to stay tucked without the big "O", but most of you guys wouldn't go for it. It would require getting pierced and it would tend to preclude you playing with yourselves, at least wanking would be out. It would also mean you would be unlikely to have children (no, no snipping). For those still interested, make an appointment with a piercing salon, telling them what you want and discuss with them the best way to do it with you. The process is to tuck your little ovaries (I like that!) up into your vagina (that, too!) and then stretch and spread out the sack you kept your ovaries in. Pull your limp clitty down toward your anus, but don't be too concerned about stretching it. Wrap your ovary bag around your clitty and where the two sides meet, put a series of piercing rings. You want enough so that no one spot carries a lot of pressure. Besides, it'll look like jewelry for your new labia! In addition, you will need two more piercings, one in the perineum and another in the end of your cltty (these are a guiche and, in keeping with our feminine theme, a Princess Albertina). These are locked together to keep everything in place. Here's where the options come in. If you want to impose chastity, then these piercings can be interlocked and not easily removed. If chastity is not an issue, then these would each be separate piercings that can be linked together using detachable rings to securely close them for as long as you desire. There are many variations of this, though it isn't commonly done. Of course, one HUGE advantage of doing this is when you go potty you will be tinkling due to the Princess Albertina! Oh! I forgot to explain the 'no children' part. If linked permanently then children are right out (for obvious reasons!). But if you keep yourself this way for an extended period of time your freshly produced little wigglers in your ovaries will get too hot and die. As far as I know, that will correct itself once you hang your ovaries bag out in the wind again. OK, I've treated this light-heartedly, but this IS a serious subject, not to be done frivolously. The actual terms are a modified (for men since you don't have labia) labial piercing, a guiche piercing in your perineum and a Prince Albert piercing in your penis. The Prince Albert and the guiche are locked together and the modified 'labial' piercings are locked together. You will be permanently tucked. As I said, it can be done without interlocking them, but that needs to be taken into account for placement AND you will need to decide EXACTLY how you are going to link them when you want them linked. One final thought. a little tiny bell attached to your Princess Albertina sounds delicious with no panties and a short skirt! Have fun, Sweeties!

Thank you so much for the info. Do you know of any diagrams so I cam make it easier when discussing with a piercer?

24/7 tucked much of the time with a napkin in place.

rdljr2410. You have to retuck every trime. Sorry, nothing is perfect in that department unless you have the Big Operation.<br />
<br />

I do that almost everyday under my ugly male clothes, feels wonderful, although a couple of times I tucked too tightly and had to keep adjusting.

johose <br />
<br />
You are exactly right! At the beginning I found it to be a bit difficult. Now they just "pop" right in and "poof" they're gone. Often they take a bit of time to come back down even when released.<br />
<br />
I have also been working on another tucking method which, while actually giving you a bit more of bulge, makes you feel almost like you have had the successful "Operation" and gone all the way to being a transgendered woman. I plan on posting it soon in a sequel to this story.<br />
<br />
Hugs.<br />
<br />

You're welcom, countrycasuallady, and thank you for the compliment.<br />
<br />
I know that there was nothing new to the method I described, but I recalled how I struggled with tucking for a long time, not finding a straightforward and sufficiently detailed explanation anywhere. Worse still, I got led down roads that I don't think are necessary, such as taping (ouch! owie!) and other complications not necessary to the task at hand.<br />
<br />
I sooo love to be tucked, even in my boy's clothes, that I do it pretty much 24/7 now. I actually think it is more comfortable to have everything smoothly tucked away and in place rather than flapping about. It also lets me always feel that, dressed as the lady me or the guy me, part of me is a prim and proper miss.<br />
<br />
Best regards.

That is an excellent summary - well described.<br />
<br />
Anybody can follow what you have said, for a comfortable and fulfilling tucking experience.<br />
<br />
Thank you

tried this... kept getting hard while trying to tuck! LOL