Practically Without A Penis - Version 2.0

This is kind of a sequel to my previous story, “Practically Without a Penis”. I would encourage anyone who has not read that post yet to go back and read it before trying what I describe here. You can find the earlier story by clicking on my name, “captive.”

This is a variation of tucking I have been practicing and which some of you might find enjoyable. As a “disclaimer”, note two facts right away. One, this would probably not be easy for beginners who have not tucked before. Two, I can only go by my personal experience, so I cannot say if this would work for someone “well hung”. That said, here goes.

In my previous story I described how to tuck by pushing the testicles back up into the canals in your body, then pulling your penis back between your legs so the head is between your butt cheeks, and holding everything snugly in place with tight panties.

For “Version 2.0”, I start out with my penis. For this to work you have to start out limp, not with an erection. If your natural tendency to play when you were young was repressed, you may not know that you can basically turn your penis from an “outie” to an “innie”. You roll the foreskin up and push the body of the penis down, down, until it is gone and all you have left is a fold of skin between your fingers. Push this down and inwards a bit and you can pretty much lodge your entire penis inside your body.

While holding my penis tucked in this position with one hand, I then use my other hand to tuck my testicles back up into their canals, as described in my earlier story. It is more difficult this way because there is less room and you have to coordinate your two hands. With practice, though, I found that I can do it consistently.

Once I have the testicles tucked as well I pull the now essentially empty scrotal sack up to cover everything. I finish the tucking process with three fingers of one hand holding it all together: compressed penis and tucked testicles covered by the scrotal sack. I then use the other hand to pull up two tight pairs of panties to hold it all in place. (I have heard that some people use tape to do this, but I have been there, done that, and don’t advise it.)

The result is a tuck which makes you feel like you are not only without balls, but absolutely dickless as well. When I stroke myself through my panties all I can find is a smooth, soft curve of feminine flesh, with no trace of either testicles or penis. The old version works pretty good, too, but you can always feel the shaft of the penis through your panties, lying there pulled back between your legs. Out of the way, but not gone. With Version 2.0 it is easy to pretend that all of those ugly male parts have gone Bye-Bye forever, having been cleanly, surgically sliced away in successful sex reassignment surgery.

Although I like this method of tucking because it really makes me feel more completely female, the original version I described in my earlier story retains some advantages. With the earlier method there is actually a little less of a bulge because your penis is stretched back out of the way, tucked between your legs. I also think the earlier version is a bit more stable for vigorous physical activities. To get the benefit of both, I have started dividing my time between the two methods, using Version 2.0 when I don’t expect to be running, exercising, etc. Version 2.0 seems fine for ordinary activities, sitting, walking, driving, whether wearing pants, dress or skirt.

Wishing you a successful tucking experience.

captive captive
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This method is not working because every time I tuck my penis my penis starts to get erect.

I'll have to give this method a try, thank you for sharing the wonderful advice ^_^

I have tried this version and it does leave me with a rather prominent pubic mound. However the more I do it and the longer I am so 'arranged' the flatter it appears to be , it seems that the body gets used to it and there is some shrinkage. I have never found it to be uncomfortable. I find that it is better to use tape but care must be taken to use non-allergic tape and to clean off the residue on the skin after.

Terrijoe -<br />
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Thank you for your comments.<br />
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A thong gaff will allow you to achieve the ultimate low profile, but I don't really think it's necessary aesthtically. I have no trouble wearing a skirt with either method. (Just did that today, actually.) <br />
<br />
I also consider the thong gaff inferior from a psychological standpoint. The gaff's I have seen basically achieve the same effect as Version 1.0, whether you tuck your penis between your legs and hold it in place with panties. What I love with Version 2.0 is that, as you say, "It's like nothing there at all". Deliciously feminine feeling.<br />
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For reasons I cannot fully explain it seems that one's body gets more used to tucking the more you do it. For example, when I use Version 2.0, sometimes the little guy down there does not want to come out all the way at first and it looks like . . . Well, never mind exactly what it looks like. (And don't worry, either, it does always go back to nomal.) The point (yes, that's a pun) is that your male parts seem to get more comfortable being parked out of sight and harm's way. So, hopefully you will be able to use Version 2.0 without tape after you get more used to it.

I do love it! It's like nothing there at all. I did have to use tape though. I can't thank you enough captive! I never would have thought of this, but now will probably keep it as my around the house wear. Or more as I get better at it. I may try it with a thong gaff next time, then I shouldn't need tape.

Thank you captive! I was thinking about trying a cold shower! I will keep trying though. It does sound fabuous! I do love your stories and suggestions, I use method number one all the time.

Things that might help are:<br />
<br />
1. Try it lying down on your back on the bed, with your knees up and your legs spread.<br />
<br />
2. From the lying down position, try tucking your testicles first, then collapsing the penis.<br />
<br />
3. Make sure your penis is limpid when you try this. It won't work if you are at all aroused. A cold shower might help. I have found that, once properly tucked, even if aroused it will usually stay in place.<br />
<br />
Good luck and I hope you can achieve that feminine feel. Personally I absoutely love it!

Is there anything else that helps to make this work? I have tried several times and can't even get the head of my 6.5 inches covered. I would any additional tips you might have because I want to try this!

I can do this as well and I have a 6.5 incher. The first time I did this I wondered if it was gone forever,luckily it always pops back out. With tight panties I can go like this for hours it feels good. Don't think I would try tape!