Flat Crotch In Bikinis - Before And After

For a girly boy with no penis, going to the beach or the pool is quite humiliating, for she is not a man, but neither is she a fully grown woman (no breasts). I was taken to the pool in just girly bikini bottoms, no tops. I was taken to the men's changing room, which gave me scares. Since I had short hair, and men tend not to socialize and pay attention to others in the restroom, few noticed me. I got a few different pairs of bikinis, and here's what my tiny crotch looked like before it was tucked with medical tapes.

If you look closely you may see the tiny lump there at my *****.  After it is tucked, it looked like this. The bikini bottoms were in somewhat gender neutral colors (not too girly), and so only a few swimmers and sunbathers eventually noticed my flat crotch and gave some curious stares, probably wondering why this "boy" (no breasts and short hair) has no penis.

And I also had a few other pairs of bikinis

aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 9 Responses Dec 21, 2011

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Very hot Howard do you tuck your pénis si flat

This post, the pics, and all the comments are soooo hot and sexy.

The world needs more bois like this to be gurls for all of us bi or gay males.

Keep up the good work.

so nice

Good. Tomorrow, you may pee between 6pm and 6:05pm. You will hold it until then.

Your breasts and nipples look very real and sexy to me! :-). I would love to suck on your nipples and kiss your lips!! I want to completely own and control you for my pleasure, 24/7.

You are VERY pretty, and from your pics, you do have breasts. What size are they?

If I owned you, when I take you to the pool or beach, I would tuck your tiny parts smooth, dress you in GIRL bikini bottoms with no top, and make sure you need to pee. I have a couple of questions. When you go out, do you dress as a male, or female? When you talk, is your voice female, or male? Can you dress as either gender and pass?

very sexy :)

Very nice.