I Don't Like to See a Bulge

As a crossdresser, I want to look and feel like a women.  Woman don't have bulge in front of the skirts and dresses.  So I wanted the same look.  So I learned to tuck my genitals, pushing my balls up into the cannels and pulled my **** back between my legs and pulled some very tight panties on to hold everything in place.  I like to look and I really like the feel so much, I stay tucked most of the time.

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I just love the look and feel tucking gives me I am tucked even when I sleep it just feel natural

I'd like to know how everyone discovered the pleasures of tucking. I can't understand why it's such a secret. Now I know why drag queens are so happy, they;are enjoying the erotic pleasures of being tucked! The hardest thing for me to do is not have a O... It is hard as I have this throbbing erection which lasts for as long as I'm tucked, it goes away for a little while only to come back, I guess it needs a rest!

Josie, you are so right, it is so much more comfortable tucked real tight, than having the head of my **** rubbed by my panties, after a while it makes my **** sore. I am tucked now. Love the Feelings.

I so agree! I stay tucked pretty much 24/7. It's feminine and sooo comfortable, for me.

I also love to tuck and even do it alot of the time when I'm in male clothes, especially shorts. Under my male clothes sometimes I do wear control top pantyhose, they hold everything in. I wear men's Jockey string bikinis in small, and pulled tight will also help hold everything in place. Only thing is that it makes me horny all day!

Thank you dear. I love this group. Tucking makes me look so sexy in panties..

I'll have to try it

See the following sites for more information;<br />
<br />
http://wiki.susans.org/index.php/Tucking_and_taping<br />
<br />
By the way susans.org is a great place for information and support<br />
<br />

If you want to see if you can put your balls in the channels,(the channels are where your balls were when you were born) lay down on your bed and gently push your balls up into your body, don't force them, I hope this works for you, it does for me, and I have to wear my panties tight so they hold my balls up in the channels.

I prefer rather than pull it back, to invert and push it back in as much as possible, then to tape sideways drawing the skin together as much as I can, creating as long of a slit as possible.<br />
Usually I can leave some of the sack skin exposed at the very bottom, then cover it all with a pad then a snug panty or girdle. The result looks and feels great!

I too have tucked for so long that it doesn't seem natural to go otherwise. It's almost gotten to the point that I shrink up so much that I don't have anything but a real smooth appearance all the time.

I use the tight panties method, I use no-nonsence panties the Rite-Aid sales. I buy one size smaller than I wear in regular panties, and then a pair of control top pantyhose. what do you do?

I know that there are more than you and I that know how to and spend time tucked in their panties. I do like being tucked most of the time, as it feels so comfortable and controled, I am not always readjusting my **** and balls,

Megan, I so agree with you. When I am dressed I don't want to see a bulge in my panties, (Unless it belongs to someone else...) I gotten so used to tucking I do it most of the time and really enjoy the smooth girly feeling.