My Confession

I've been reluctant to share my star-spangled leotard stroy with everone here in WebWorld.  I've not always worn leotards.  One might say I was actually the  the anti-leotard. 

Call it bad raising, Tard-ism or whatever, I've stopped searching for the reason's why and just learn to embrace my sick secret fettish!

Embracing the leotard was a gradual process for me.  I was in denial about the growing compulsion to don the outfits; but then the 70's happened and along came DISCO.  Suddenly it was acceptable if not encouraged to go out in public wearing freakin' work out clothes..  remember the day?  (Leg warmers) 

Next thing I knew, my leotard collection grew to 5 to 6 hot numbers to twirl around with, out there on the multi colored flashing square blocked floors; the disco ball being the only thing spining more.  From that point forward, I was permanently hooked.  Sadly, many years were wasted wearing the tards in secret.  Long after the heyday had passed. 

One day, however, the light bulb went off, a WTF kind of moment one could say - HA!.  I said go for it - outward for everyone to see.  I came out of the leotard closet in full force.

In recent years I've learned to have no secrets and have come to realize, some can accept this aspect of my inner being.  Others cannot.  It's who I AM as a person.  You either want to be a part of my life or you don't. 

No judgements, no shame. 

I'm just me, I'm Drew and I Wear Star-Spangled Leotards.

Love me or leave me!


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19 Responses May 7, 2008

ha ha - Sage advice MP

For real DK! Is that pic not painful?

That last picture is very interesting. It must be wash and wear leotards, because someone hung up all those gals to dry...

Synthetics<br />
<br />
~ drueling ~ HOMER STYLE

All I can say is I love seeing women in anything tight! Even though I never got into the Disco thing, I did love watching gals spinning around in skin tight synthetics...

Not joking Armie.. the shame is killing me.. I can't have a decent relationship... though it does hold in the cellulite...<br />
<br />
Tired of living in the closet.. I'm wearing my Danskin Disco skirt to the hospital tomorrow...

OMG Nudie - that's halarious.... too funny... Poor Gwen... now she has a spandex complex...<br />
<br />
~ dialing the therapist ~

Drew, girl, you go, embrace your inner spandex. On certain people it is spectacular, and I would place you in that category. I, for one am proud of you.<br />
<br />
Put spandex on that is another story. Richard Simmons in Spandex, just poke my eyes out in horror.<br />
<br />
It reminds me of something that occurred in College in the mid 80's. We were in speech class. One of the guys was named John. The topic of the day was stuttering. John was a big guy, you know the kind, football team, built solid, nothing ever seemed to rattle him. Well, John started to stutter in class. The teacher took advantage of John and his obvious discomfort and began to give John a hard time. After not being able to express himself for several minutes, he finally lowered his head, took a deep breath and yelled out "You try not to stutter while sitting here next to Gwen wearing spandex."<br />
<br />
Gwen never wore spandex after that. She had most of us stuttering.

luv u city <br />
thanks 4 the kuddos<br />
<br />
kiss kiss

LOL.. I thought it was a wrap around skirt.<br />
<br />
~ Need to go on WHAT NOT TO WEAR ~

You ARE a cork Mikal.. <br />
<br />
~ gotta love those synthetics.. they're so breathable~<br />
<br />
now the Huaraches.. well.. who can resist one of those.. NVP (no visible panty line) oh yeah.

You know I've been very honest with you these oh so many long and wonderful hours we've known each other, and I have embraced your wily and energetic presentation with unequivocal enthusiasm. But you should have told me about this from the start before I made this tentative pre-commitment conditional promise to entrust my whole being to you! Nylon? I thought this was REAL!!! I thought this was nights out with a bottle of wine with a real cork and cotton blue jeans and maybe that little natural linen thing to the far left back of the closet and maybe some well-worn Huaraches! Can you imagine my disappointment? Can any of you? I'm so disillusioned.

embrace the spandex U..

i'm glad that I'm not the only one into leotards. I LOVE them! Sadly I only just caught the end of the spandex era, so it's very difficult to find people who also like leo's as much as me. I've tried to see if some of my dance friends do, but I'm not sure if they really do or are just thinking "get away quickly!"<br />
I think it's turned into a big fetish for me, anyone else?<br />
Ayways congrads to you for getting it off your chest-lol.

WOW Dorobo.. and I thought my fettish was bad.. <br />
<br />
~ we embrace you for your courage ~<br />
<br />
Love and Hugs man.. Glad you got past that one.<br />
<br />
What is you current fettish? come on, your safe here on EP.. tell us, we promise to still love you xxx

Indeed we will...<br />
<br />

indeed... :)

Thanks for the love Vowels, I'm feeling it indeed.. <br />
<br />
and appreciate the encouraging words Marcus.. it was a hard story to share, but I feel much better having it off my chest (LOL) and out in the open like it is..<br />
<br />
It's connecting with like minded people here in EP, sharing the common experiences like this one that makes life worth living. just knowing I'm not the only one gives me the strength to go on everyday.

not sure if I'd put it quite the same way as AEIOU has (Saran Wrap?), but I'm glad you have embraced your inner to speak...<br />
<br />