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When I Get Off Work

Often times when I get off work it is usually always late around midnight and dark outside. I do not like to go in to stories with my work clothes own so I just pull into the parking lot in the back somewhere kind of out of view. I then step out of my car and ***** off my clothes and change them. I find it be really fun and exhilarating.
fun4all4u fun4all4u 26-30, M 10 Responses Oct 27, 2011

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I got off the bus a while back in front of the town home complex I was living at after a long day at work. There was nobody in the pool area especially the jacuzzi. I quickly ******** naked behind a bush and hopped in the warm bubbly water. It felt excelarating

The only problem was that after about 15 minutes, other people joined me. I had to wait until they left which turned out to be over an hour. I don't think they knew I was naked, but my hands and bare feet were very pruny as I walked to my door barefoot.

I have done this as well, it's great to ***** in the car before leaving work, then driving 40 miles through 2 towns and then go in the house naked. I often will stop and get out of the car to feel and enjoy the cool breeze for a minute. I have pumped gas naked too. Awesome.

I do this too. Sometimes i give myself dares, like get out of the car, put the underwear in the trunk, then get back in the car. Drive for a bit, get out naked to go to the trunk, get clothes, get dressed, etc. I love the exciting feeling..

Sounds like solo sexy hot fun!!! I'll bet you look great all naked and nude!!

I bet it is not always Solo...

You are more daring than I am. I get a thrill from letting people see more than they should but I don't usually walk around town naked.

@anjalirai I used to get naked in the park too at night in the dead of winter and run around hoping someone might see me. That was ages ago but what a thrill!

I love doing things like that when ladies can see! Or watch p

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One time when I went to work, I told my wife, “Tonight, from work I’m going to drive all the way home and walk in the front door of the house naked.” (The deal was this: If my wife’s girlfriend from next door was there visiting tonight, which she often was, then she’d leave the porch light on, as a signal to me. Porch light ON, her girlfriend’s there – put your clothes on before you get out of the car and come in the house. Lights OFF, OK to walk in the house naked.) Well, she forgot about our “porch light signal” that night … and she left the lights off without thinking. So here I come, just as I said I would, driving ten miles home from work very late at night, naked … and the porch light was off. So I got out of the car and walked right in the front door of the house without a stitch on! My wife was surprised and shocked, but just by chance, her girlfriend had already gone home for the night, so I didn’t walk in on her!

Too bad, that would have been a great experience. I used to drive home nude as well and walk in that way if the kids were occupied downstairs.

great thing, jacurdal! i get nude in parks too at night. i lie down on benches and the grass and all. absolutely nude. i love the feeling of the breeze on my nude body and the thrill of being caught naked. i even walk around totally nude.