Naked On The Balcony

I swear this was truly accidental! One night at a beach-front cottage it was so hot that I couldn't sleep, so I dragged the mattress and a sheet out on the adjoining balcony and slept outside. It was just windy enough to keep the bugs away and was a perfect temperature. Now I always sleep nude and the balcony faced the beach access road, but it was obviously deserted at 1:00 AM. What I hadn't realized is that it was going to get light way before I woke up! So, next I was awakened by a large group of beach joggers all laughing and staring and commenting that they wish they had their cameras. For I had rolled over and out from under the sheet and was sound asleep on my back, totally exposed for all to see. Very embarassing, but great fun, in retrospect.
davyjo davyjo
51-55, M
Jan 15, 2013