She Said, "lick Me All Over"

She was so beautiful, exquisitely sexy and deliciously seductive. I was absolutely drawn to her the very first time I ever laid eyes on her. She moved with such a confident grace and sensuality, as I imagine an Elf Princess might move, that I could not tear my eyes away from her. I felt capitvated by her stunning good looks and luscious perfection, as if she had cast some spell upon me.

As she approached, our eyes met, and she smiled. The sexual tension between us was palpable, almost as if there was an electric current flowing from her to me. She said "Lick me all over"

I breathed hotly "Oh, yes"

I took her to my apartment and the moment we were alone, we were touching, kissing, undressing one another, so eager to be naked together. She was indeed a gorgeous nude with perfect breasts, tightly molded bottom, and long tapered legs.

I explored her luscious body with my tongue, licking, nibbling, sucking as I went, leaving no part of her untouched. Her feminine whimpers and soft purring sighs of pleasure told me that she was enjoying it. My tongue teased and excited her flesh, arousing her and slowly elevating her towards ******. I licked her as if she was a delicious ice cream cone or some tasty delicacy. My tongue flicked and swirled over her nipples, and I was rewarded with feeling them stiffen and swell. He breathing grew heavier as I licked my way down to her pretty pink ***** slit, and she emitted a little cry of joy as my tongue slithered along her moist pink slit, teasing and inflaming her delicate ***** lips.

I dipped my tongue between her inflamed labia, tasting the juices pooling there, sweet and delicious. I wormed and snaked my tongue along the sensitive pink membranes from the bottom of her ***** slit to the top, and I lingered over the quivering nub of her clitorus. My tongue lashed back and forth across her stiffening **** and I captured the stiff pink nub between my lips, sucking and nibbling on it, causing her moans and cries of pleasure to grow increasingly louder.

She was writhing her supple body with wanton abandon as I continued my assault upon her ****, and I added the additional sensation of my slender fingers pressing into her ***** mouth, finger-******* her as I tortured her **** with my hot tongue. He legs were spread wide apart and her back was arched as she ground her ***** against my hungry mouth, her hands clasping the back of my head.

"Oh! Yes! Lick me!" she cried out urging me on, and then suddenly she cried out "I am coming!" Her body began to thrash about wildly, shaking and trembling with orgasmic spasms, as her cries of delight echoed off my bedroom walls, I pulled back, savoring the moment, as I watched her writhing and gyrating nakedly on my bed, allowing her to enjoy her ******.

As she began to subside, I once again pressed my mouth to her nether lips in an obscene kiss and resumed my assault on her most sensitive flesh. I kept her there all night long, devouring her and driving her insane with fantastic pleasure.
LittleBlondeSlut LittleBlondeSlut
18-21, F
Oct 28, 2010

OMG! You are such an artist with your stories. This one, She said, "lick me all over" is among your best! Wish you were here to help me with some much needed relief!!