Its What I Feel

To touch you ,to taste you,to pleasure you. I love to explore with my tongue,finding  those little places that make you moan  so softly.Your skin is exciting to me..Your lips, in the corner of your mouth and around each one,tasting and caressing ; rushing in to attack your tongue,encircling  it with mine, tasting and sucking. .You know what you have that I love to lick I need not write each one,the slit of your head and around the rim, the sack with its tasty jewels  and the taint in between.You know how I love to lick and tease suck and kiss each and every part of you.It is a need, a hunger,that wells up inside when I see your bare skin,when I can smell your scent when my mouth hovers over you...

34Einnor 34Einnor
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Wow! Not only was this hot, but you have a great writing technique.