Banana Split

I love Redi Whip and Maraschino cherries.  Have any of you made a human banana split?  Well you, of course, have your substitute banana, and the nuts right there for your enjoyment.  Add a little Hershey's chocolate, a little ice cream, some Redi Whip, and then your cherries on top and then enjoy!  No spoons required for this treat.  Just dive right in and enjoy!!!!  It is quite tasty and a hell of a lot of fun!


Other Options include adding M&M's or other candy to the Redi Whip portion of the banana split.

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2 Responses Dec 28, 2008

Ugh! tasty! thanks for catching that.<br />
<br />
Kinda... you lick ice cream not chew it darling lol.

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