Morning Pee

I was woken this morning around 7:45, way too early this, by a fairly urgent need to pee. I tried to ignore it and pretty successfully since I then slept until around 930. I got up after laying in bed for a few minutes and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. At this point I decided I wanted to pee in my pants. Ive been on a rather aggressive wetting spree lately. I usually only wet myself once every week or two, but this past week or so has been one of more times a day. Anyways, I recently bought some white briefs specifically for peeing, im a boxers man otherwise. Some of my earliest memories from wetting on purpose were in this kind of underwear and I wanted to try it now. Having set my mind on peeing, I ******** and put on a pair of these briefs I had peed in the previous night while playing video games (detailed in another experience story). They were still mildly damp and lightly yellowed. I had only peed in them once after all. I walked back to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet with them still on as I didnt want to have to clean up any puddle, and I knew there would be a big one if I peed standing. It took me a minute to start the flow as it usually does when I purposely pee my pants but once it started it never stopped. I started by pointing myself down, peeing thoroughly the bottom of my briefs and wetting my butt, then mid stream i adjusted and pointed myself upward soaking the entire front section up to the waistband before the stream slowed and finally stopped dripping into the toilet. Standing up a little residual stream ran down my leg and I stepped out of the briefs and into the shower.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

oh ill get to that shade!

Another 35 wettings, and they'll start to turn a lovely shade of yellow-orange.