Can't Help It...

I just see something that I want to tear to pieces and unable to resist the urge any longer I have to do something about it! So I go and tear the ***** up! I just love to tear things up. It makes me smile.

MikahKillzButterflies MikahKillzButterflies
18-21, M
5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Your hobby is robbing you of the time you need to learn how to spell. Spell like that on a job application and they'll send you to the unemployment line (which may well incline you to go back to your destructive hobby).

i agree the "urge" is really hard for me to control when im around glass, or something that my mind thinks will look good once it's smashed into a bizzilion so i"ve come up with this system were i buy glass vases, periodically, or when in need of releasing the urge, and i brake them, however way i can, or i buy wooden houses from michael:s stuff it with stuff and project a senerio onto it, that way i dont get in trouble, though i do have to admit i still like to vandilize every now and

**** yeah!

I'm with you is a hard urge to control...

HOPE the COPS are reading this!....What a YOBBO!!