Friday the 13th

Every Friday the 13th and Halloween I go visit a new haunted house. It has turned into a fun hobby of mine. This Halloween I'm going to the Winchester Mystery House on a guided midnight flashlight tour! If you have not heard of the Winchester Mystery House you should go to the website or ask me about it. Whether you believe in ghosts or not it is probably the most interesting house in the world. It has windows in the floor and a door that opens to a wall and stairs that lead nowhere, it is CrAzY!
missadventurer missadventurer
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2007

yeah that one in particular is actually better to see during the day when you can actually see it!

That sounds like a very interesting house. It must be fun to go there anytime if it is like you decribed it. I love haunted places.

You're one brave girl! Look forward to the story of your visit there!

This is a late comment, but youve gone by now, can you share a story? I have yet to go there myself and love to hear other peoples adventures. :)