I Like to Walk and See Things Out There.

I have been takeing walks.

And there has been dogs that like to come out and say Hi to you.

And been in the trucks and they bark like they are saying Hi to you.

It is cute to see them say Hi to you.

When a Dog barks . I think they are talking to me and been like people.

I walk alot and get out alot.

And I thouight I write about that to day.


I talk to them like they are people.

So they no that I am not get afraid of them.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
4 Responses Feb 14, 2007

That is cool.<br />
i am started walking again in the summer time .<br />
And that will be good again.<br />
Thank you for writeing.<br />
<br />

Sounds good I can meet lots of dogs on my walks in the town but in the country hardly any. I see many deer in the woods and also rabbits.

Come here to the country and you see all types of animals. You can see coyotes and wolves instead of dogs, lol. Not all of them come towards you though. And if they do you don't want them to, lol. I pet a baby squirl once though. It walked right up to me.

Thankyou for sharing your time with me.<br />