You know there is lots of nudity here at my house. my granddaughters and their friends never have any thing on. We had a trampoline put in last week for a birthday party. So here we are with 8 neighbor boys 7, 9, 9 ,9 ,10, 10, 13 and 14 years old in order. So early teen and younger. And 11 girls 6 , 8,8 ,9 ,9 10,12 , 12, 14, 14, and my 17 year old granddaughter who organized a nude birthday party complete with either parental presence. Or signed permission. We had one parent show and she only stayed an hour as the children had all been here at least one time nude before. It was too big of a group honestly for this old grandma. We found out that sport bras were needed for the girls and briefs for the boys while on the trampoline.
A SLIP and slide with a small sprinkler was a big hit as nudity and suntan oil make for speed we found out. The 14 year old boy propelled the little ones down down the slide and big girls caught them. The difficult part was keeping the little ones dressed to go home . I kept finding them hiding nude behind flower pots .
What was so nice is the children were well behaved. We had rules for the party and everyone was good. This was a huge age group and the older kids took care of the younger ones. My son was at the gate letting people in and out and explaining rules. The police woman two doors down who's son was at the party was on call for me also. I took a long nap after and it was only a three hour party.
Another day at the Zetta house.
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Wow, sounds great. I wish parents had parties like that when I was young !

what a great way to have a party..freedom

wow, what an event. please invite us next time!

And what a wonderful day it must have been!! We have had many a nude party at our place to, although I confess that we did not bother too much about signed parental permission. We just figured that if our guests turned up and ******** off they were allowed to be here and to be nude! A trifle lax now, i realize, but no less for in spite if it!

Wow! My boys have had several nude swim parties at our home. Only for the boys high school baseball team. God, I've never seen so many wet erect penises in my life. Now they want to invite the cheerleaders. Should I allow this? Help.

That's a tough one. You may get in trouble with the girl's parents if anything happened and they found out. I would probably not allow that at my house. Please add, you sound interesting. Would like to chat.

Keeping a nude party a secret from parents is a no no. You will get caught. Restraint from each individual child is what works best

How behaved are the boys. How behaved are the girls? Having nudity at ones house is fine . Having a wild **** with teens is a court case. Nudity with hormone affected teens dropping their things for the first time is the difficult job. Telling a 11 year boy he will certainly have an erection when he looks at my pretty granddaughter can scare the boy. Then we say we all expect it and it's Ok. But having ten first time nude boys is too much for one day.

That's the most open I've ever heard of. Never heard of a party with children like that. Interesting.

Next time invite me lol

That's really really ****** up

Mad you weren't there to pester the kids aren't you.

What? I'm utterly disgusted that you would write a story about a party full of underage kids walking around naked. I'm assuming this is fake because it's online but if it's real then god save whatever ****** up community you live in.

See I knew by your response you had issues. Have I had a perfect life ? No . An I have my own issues. Will there ever be another kids birthday party at my house? Who knows . This one was sane and safe and no one one left troubled. It's nudity and it's ok in my back yard.

I know omg it's so messed up. ugh. I'm disgusted.

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Sent you


Nudity is so wonderful!!

It's freedom and peace at the same time. Let the young ones enjoy it with out pressure from adults to cover up or be modest. Or worse pressure to be something your not. Those blemishes and but pimples clear up when your not suffocating in your clothing. We are beautiful sexual beings. I love to see boys talk to girls and watch her nipples perk up. I told a sexy story to 4 girls sitting on a bench who I asked to take notes. When I finished I asked who was wet. Just reach down and tell me. Real wet said one . Pretty wet said the other three. We women respond and our bodies prepare for sex with out being touched. Male response is just more visible.

Yes, we certainly are sexual beings. It's about time society at large acknowledges this fact of life.

When you say 4 "girls," what ages are you referring to?

They were high schoolers

I would love to join this party & get nude with you & your daughters & grand daughters too!

When is the next party ?

I'm proud of you for the example you're setting about how nudity isn't a shameful state of being, and that it isn't automatically sexual.

Thank you.

I hold back for the children. Honestly I'm wild. They just don't know it.

Oh..... I see..... Well I like the way you think, and act.
I say good for you!

While I was naked in front of my grandma and she was in front of me. We bathed together a lot, we did not have nude parties... But we did have some fun activities. ;-)

Tell us more. ;)

Is that for me or for MaryMarthaZetta?

You, Austin.

Well we took baths until I was about 15ish, I remember I did not have my license yet so I know it was not 16. She always washed me and I always washed her... She would tell me that I needed to learn the right way since I would grow up and have a wife to wash. But I dont remember how little I was, as i dont remember not taking a bath with her.
When my mom worked during the summer, she would drop off a grandmas and I would spend the entire day there. We were not naked all the time because there were kids from down the street that would come over and play. But after we finished we would take a bath because of digging in the dirt or sweating. We would nap together naked after the bath. I loved snuggling up to her **** and pretend to be asleep with my face on her breast. I would suck on her nipples as I pretended and she wound not say a word. But if I did i tried when I was awake she would tell me to stop that it tickles.... Of course seems silly now since we washed each other so thoroughly, and touch each other everywhere.

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What a great party!

Wish you were 14 again? The little boys were running around full speed. And the girls never stopped giggling .

Oh yes! At 14, with a bunch of naked girls, my speed would not have been the only thing that was "full." ;)

Like to talk . Sent pm

Sweet --- Nude Party House ---- Sweet Memories of Grannies House ;)

The kids had so much fun . It was all so innocent.