I just took a shower, and I stay naked I feel clean and nice. I will see what is up on TV. and watch ep for other people like me. people who like their body and are comfortable naked as me.
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22-25, M
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I am, and I can name a few more :)

Very glad you're not following the trend of a lot of people your age who are busy covering themselves up at every opportunity- seems like we've created a generation of puritans who even dress & undress in the locker room under a towel - what are they so afraid of???

I'm always nude at home and so is my mom

great feeling, isn't it?? I've kind of gotten into a seasonal habit - maybe a holdover from my childhood - usually in the warm months is when I like to be nude - but when winter sets in, even in the house, I like to have something warm & soft next to my skin. In the house, it's usually something like soft old well broken in sweat pants & top, or a nice flannel pants & shirt, with nothing underneath so I still have that 'sort of' naked feeling, with no underwear or undershirt to pinch or gather in the wrong places or keep me from sensing the familiar softness of the sweat pants or flannel - feels great sitting on the couch soft & snuggly with a good book! Some times if I'm going to be there for a while, I'll take everything off and just put a warm throw both under me & around me and be nude inside - feels like being in my own cocoon - snug & comfy!