I live in a family where nudity is acceptable. We're not full on nudists, but we see each other naked a lot. I live with my 13 year old sister and my Mom and Dad. Ever since I was a little kid I was used to seeing my parents naked or wearing only a robe in the morning or after a shower. I like to walk around the house naked and nobody has a problem with it.
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11 Responses Mar 1, 2016

i bet i would like seeing you naked

Why would anyone have a problem? Nothing wrong with nudity!

I would my family to be like that

I have the same experience and my brothers and sisters do it too. I've caught mom and dad walk around before to

Naked with family is healthy enough

Good family. Naked is natural.

that is wonderfully free lifestyle.. be grateful ..

Nice wish I lived in that kind of environment

Great =)

Living open and free is the only way to enjoy life!

I would love to be in that situation!

Why can't you be?

Hi, I would be to share some stories occasionaly with you.. from naturist lifestyle.. message me,if you like my profile