Nude Walk

It relates to my study period. I have been staying nude at home, then in college dorm. Once I was walking with a room mate in nearby park. It was very pleasant so we decided to take a long stroll, outside the park, which was a deserted place. The night fell upon us and there was almost dark around us. Suddenly an urge to take off my clothes gripped me. I told my friend that I was going to be nude. She was surprised, though he herself was a nudist, but indoor. Without caring her, I took off my all clothes. How fantastic, thrilling and exhilarating it was. I was relaxed as never before. After walking a bit, she also came out of her dress. We walked totally nude. Luckily no body intercepted us. It was marvelous. It was the first time, not the last: rather we would go very often, later two more friends joined us. xyllolita
xylolita xylolita
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

A good impulse to give into.

When I was your age I had a Girlfriend that loved to hike and camp, many times we spent the entire weekend naked while camping.