Bedtime And Nightmares

She its alone in her room, her pajamas on
Ready to go to sleep, and everything is calm
But out of no where, an enemy appears
ready to take her down, with all of her fears

She sees the hurt, the torture, and the pain
It's all coming fast, like a large storm of rain
There's no escaping, it's all around
She feels so trapped, with her heart bound.

She wants to cry, but she tries to be strong
knowing it'd awake her parents, and they'd ask what was wrong
she would't tell them, she wouldn't dare
but how much pain can one girl really bare?

She closes her eyes, wanting to scream
but there is no relief, it's moved into a dream.
She slips into darkness, holding back tears
For she knows what is coming, it's all of her fears.

She's fast asleep, no pain on her face,
but inside her mind, begins the long hard race
She can't control it, if she could she would
But when it comes to this beast, it can't be understood

She's sees the girl, the one that wants to kill her
ready with a knife and evil grin, she looks like a monster
But our girl has nothing, she's a sitting duck
As the girl comes at her, and in the head she is struck

Down she goes, blood on her face
She can't get up, as if she's covered in weights
Her vision is blurry, she struggles in vain
To watch the girls knife come down, and now she is slain.

She wakes up with a jolt, seeing it wasn't real
But the pain was there, it's all she could feel
She wants her bestfriend, but she's on her own
She wants to be held, but she's all alone

She falls back asleep, all cried out
Hoping this time will be better, but she has doubt
She knows how it works, once is nothing
The second time you can bet, the worst is coming

She's being tortured, dangling from chains
As her bestfriend abuses her, with whips, knifes, and canes
She's dying fast, her screams now whimpers
The only movements she makes, is small constant shivers

But he isn't doing this, no he never would
It's the girl on the stand, she certainly could.
The same as the first, the girl that murdered her
She controls her bestfriend, with nothing but her purr.

Some how she brainwashed him, turned him into nothing
He does whatever she says, and none of it is loving
She demands the final blow, and his hands grasp knife
He brings it down through her heart, and takes her life

She frees him from the spell, he sees all the "fun"
Now he slumps on the floor and cries, dear lord, what have I done?
He's covered in her blood, he kisses her feet
He takes her down and holds her, and their eyes suddenly meet

He cries even harder, knowing it's too late
there's no saving her, from this terrible fate
She whispers "I love you" and caresses his cheek
With her bloody hand, that continues to grow weak

He says "I love you too" through tears in his eyes
He kisses his bestfriend on the forehead, then he cries
His lips are covered in blood, he says his goodbyes
as he watches her slowly slip away, and then she dies.

She awakes once again, her tears overflowing
It was a nightmare, but the pain was overwhelming
she grabs her chest, where the knife would have stick
Is that a dent in her skin? Or is it just a trick?

Again she's alone, she should be used to this
A sweetdream goodnight, is something to miss
No one will hold her, she's always alone
I guess that's what happens once you are grown

"I drag myself out of nightmares every morning, and find there is no relief in waking"
Finnick Odair speaks the truth, She wakes up crying and shaking
When she does wake up, she is relieved the night has come to an end
Now what ever is left of her heart, today she must defend.

This is how bedtime is, for this poor girl
she can't escape it, it's part of her world.
You don't know who she is, you ask "who could it be?"
Well I know who it is, and the answer is "Me"

Yours Truly, TrappedAbs

TrappedAbs TrappedAbs
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013