Dragons Watching

When weather is a bit tamer than a lion roaring the North wind with blowing snow, I walk in the woods. With my huge dog, or even by faerieself, the woods beyond my backyard tempts me ever so often. I could be indoors but I could see it right across my dining room, the glass door bearing no barrier for the vision my eyes gaze upon.

It's a small woody area. And if I trek farther South, I would hit the highway, and it continues on the other side. But it's a long stretch of trees from East to West. There hasn't been much to see because of all the whiteness on the ground, and the powder of snow on the sleeping branches of the trees. Yet, it's a solace to an otherwise troubled spirit where dragons of worry and fear hushes their fiery breaths to offer peace. And I appreciate that moment of peace as any faerie would. Even when their eyes are ever so watchful as I continued my walk. 

I can't wait for summer when the vision from my dining room is all green... tempting me even more to graze the paths of the bliss of assuage... even with the dragons watching the faerie.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2012

Faerie dresses up as Red Riding Hood on her walks... got my basket of goodies for the dragons. ;p

How wonderfully put!!! The Faerie has such a beautiful way with words...and as words are the dragons primary weapon, I would think you to be well armed should one venture too close ;-)