Hello (usually i would say my name but my parents would flip, so i made one up) I'm Cara (no clue why i chose it and it has nothing to do with American Idol this was my chosen name for along time before any one new anything about her) or Elaine which ever you like. For as long as i can remember ive loved the woods. Even when i was younger i would fight with my mom, and family, the woods was were i would escape. I fought with every body except my older brother (insert whatever name u like :)) I remember i had fairy friends and a tree that i thought would talk to me. He was an old man named Roland. Even now i go out there almost everyday just to get away from the world. That's were i belong. But just to put things straight I'm not a tree hugger. I hunt, eat meat, and wear normal clothing. Sorry couldn't help myself. :) PLease post or message me I'm new and would like to talk to a couple of people. :)

karamorgainewarriormaiden karamorgainewarriormaiden
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4 Responses Jun 15, 2009

hahaha yeah i could live without the bugs but everything else is just awesome!!

I love being in the woods too, love camping with nice people, not when there are bugs though, love making passionate love in the woods at a camp fire too, nothing like it!

yeah i love them :)

That's all very nice. I also find the woods very realxing.