Only Mad Dogs...

And Englishmen go out in the Mid-day Sun!

Well, you can add me to that list!

I love a walk on the beach.  Where I live there is a special created walkway that links the closest 4 bays - its a really nice peaceful walk along the rocks - or you can tackle the hills and go up for a better workout.  Walking on the beach is great exercise - its also nice with a friend and an ice cream for a casual stroll at summer time.

There is also something really neat about a walk on the beach in winter, with a wind blowing and the sea that deep greeny grey colour, foam pounding into the sand.  It really shakes the cobwebs out!

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Another thing about walking on the beach!<br />
<br />
....Fish and Chips..wrapped in paper<br />
<br />
.......Always taste so good!

I love walking on the beach too. We went on vacation once and every morning we'd eat breakfast, workout, then walk on the beach. I wish I lived close enough to do that every day.

Walking on the beach is one the greatest things to do. I love to walk on the beach holding hands with my husband and Mr. Hankie walking with is. You don't even have to say a word to each other. The peace you can find within yourself is so immense it's awesome. What a wonderful world we live in.<br />
The beauty of the beach, the woods a lake. If only people weren't so hell bent on polluting it all........... We'd be so much better off.