Visiting A Picnic Spot with sexy dress

When I went to a picnic spot in south india (kottayam) with my husband, I was wearing only a loose short lacey type (like tennis players) dress. At first on the taxi I was having a bra and panty underneath and after 15 mins entering the taxi I removed my panty and bra without knowing my husband and the driver who was a little aged man. My husband was sitting next to the driver and I was sitting in back seat. The taxi's glasses were tinted with little dark sticker and anyone outside can't see what's happening inside.

After removing my panties and bra I was too hot and I placed my leg up on the seat and If someone looks back they can see my ***** but I didn;t mind that I relaxed a little. The driver can't see me because I was sitting back to him. Some time later my husband look back to take some water and he was shocked and later cheered me because he loves me to do that. At that time I want to pee, it was in a small town and little traffic, there's no hotel or anything nearby so I decided to pee in that car's seat (it was very smooth cloth type), so I pissed on the seat(no other way.

When our destination spot had arrived we went out of the car and enjoyed the natural beauty there. I have forgotten that I have left my bra and panty in the car's seat.

There wasn't many people and we decided to sit on the grass for a while. While sitting the sun was little hot and we were sweating a little and my boobs we becoming wet and anyone can see my nipples clearly visible, when sunrays touch my boobs.

After a while we went for some shopping (with that dress) and once again forgotten that I haven't wear any undies. There was a little rush, and people was very busy with thier jobs and never noticed me (my ***** and boobs). But while we were buying a shoe (rare one) I was about to kneel down and correct the buckles, one teenager saw my ***** after that he followed us to the car and I had flashed him my ***** and boobs for an instance. I think he was happy.

The fun was after that, as said i've leaved my bra and panty in the car seat when we came back after sightseeing I saw my undies in the driver's seat, he wasn't there he was smoking at the time when we came. I didn't take that and also tell my husband to don't take that. Then I pissed on the panties and kept it wet as it is in the driver's seat and sit back to my husbands seat and letting my boobs popping out, right nipple outside the dress and ***** open and looking outside to the views of that place through the windows.    

When the driver came back, we didn't notice him. He suddenly take my undies and throw to backseat where I sit. He then rubbed his hands to his pants because it was wet. Then he looks me and he noticed that I have left my boobs and ***** outside. I felt as I sleep, then he ask loudly where to go and we said to go to the next hotel nearby...

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