I Like And So I Go

Especially as it's warm I like to not wear underwear to school, shop, party.
I feel the blast of air on my *****.
Excites me terribly.
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9 Responses May 7, 2012

Plus the fact at the mall, it makes for fun times to come about.

damn your sexy please add me I would love to hear more :)

wish i had been in your class! x

I stopped wearing underwear a while back, it feels so good to let my **** hang free, especially when i wear an old pair of jeans with button fly that is a bit worn sometimes the buttons come undone and i feel the breeze blowing around my smooth **** and balls

excites me too

Glad it does, our pool party can do the same!

Amen to vagina airing out. I also like to point the car's AC to go between my legs when I am driving.

That is so Hot....but i guess you stay cool. hehee

U are such a fluant, would love to be at the mall. :)~~