I Like to Go Without Panties

I have since I was about 14 enjoyed the naughtiness of feeling air around my lips when I go without knix. As I have become more shapley and I get looked at more it makes me very wet to risk having my ***** seen by men when I wear a short skirt and no knix. When at school I was careful not to let a school boy see up my skirt but I showed a teacher on several occassions my fanny and he used to smile at me which made me blush and drip!!!

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nice story

I would love to see you. May I?

i have meatty lips and a good size **** i stop wearing these stupid panties when i was 14 and i always wear see dress and short skirt , i love the the feeling of the wind going trought my ***** and butthole and i feel free and liberated

Thats hot.

Blush and drip...great combination ....add me plz.

OMG i just thought of something! this is soo embarrassing now lol, but i wear skirts in school and sometimes go pantyless, and i sit in the front of the class like right in front of my teachers desk...i almost never close my legs when im there cuz i knew everyone was behind me! **** lol hes probably seen up

Because of my mother, I wasn't allowed underwear till I moved away from home at age 18. When I was a freshman in high school, I had a biology class where we sat at our lab tables in alphebetical order by FIRST name. That put me right in front of our teacher. I was so naive that I didn't realize why we went by first name instead of last, until one of my friends told me why that was my assigned seat. He was sent away after that year....apparently he arranged all of his classes with a pretty girl in a short skirt in the front row.

nothing says im free liberated and not afraid to discover who i am by abandoning your pants, thanks for sharing and for being so damn sexy

nice! very hot! keep up the good work!!

Go simone! That attitude is so sexy!

Sounds like you have learnt the secret to control men. Good on you

bad not to be ayour teacher :-)

how ı desıre to be ur teacher after readıng ur story<br />
ı thınk ı dont smıle just tht tıme :)

you naughty girl lol

One time I went pantyless in a short flippy white cotton skirt while shopping and I could feel myself getting really wet and leaking on the insides of my thighs making them all slippery, and the thought of someone looking up my skirt would see how aroused I was turned me on even more

Just be glad what happened to me didnt happen to you. I first started going pantyless around 13, 14 years old like most girls and one time when i was 16 this so called g/f of mine shoved me into the guys room and i saw this well hung guy shooting his pee into the urinal and it kind of got me aroused so i was tropical down south. Well after running out of the restroom bright red and being just in the nick of time to my next class i found myself walking so my seat with a wet spot on my skirt. Not to let anyone see i sat down quickly and by the time class was over and i stood up there was this nice puddle in the seat of my girly juices. That wouldn't have been that bad but two girls happened to see me get up and saw what i had left in the seat and started busting up laughing and told sooooo many people.

Great story...don't know where the girls like you were when I was in school.

i usually only wear 8XL shirt around the house just in case a bed buddy turns up and its easy access and i do like the feel of naughtness. 8XL shirts fit me like a short dress so if i go outside no one really know but only suspects.

my sub wears the same kind of item of clothing outside too...

Makes me wish I was your teacher... Or at least a teacher, with a class full of knickerless young ladies like you!

Great! - when can we see the pics??

verry hot could you show us?

As a dresser, one thing I like is the feeling of complete freedom of NOT wearing panties under a beautiful dress!

All I can say is "thank gosh for my purse...." it comes in so handy for at least partially concealing a sometimes quite obvious bulge in front of my skirt...lol

WOW!Add me I see!

oh yea, i bet its really conveninet when u hafta pee, especailly outside. luv to hear any stories bout that!<br />
<br />
u can e-mail me if you want, mayre_p5@yahoo.com<br />

ong! how naughty! ever let any guys touch? i luv to wear short skirts and show my panties, but i never give free shows like that. I get wet alot too, sometimes from geting all excited and sometimes from, well, anyway, and kinda like when guys see me wet, you should see them look, lol, then turn all red when you catch them. I am a little more shy with the wet thing, but luv to tease the guys. I'm afraid the let the teacher see, what would he do? wouldnt i get in trouble?