Nice Little Breeze

I love the way it feels when the wind blows inside my skirt when I don't have panties on.

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My husband showed me a picture that has made it to the internet. A few years ago that would have freaked me out, but now I love the notoriety. I'm standing in front of a rock wall with handrail in front of it........trying to remember where it was......I'm wearing a short white shift that's split up both sides, and the wind blows it up putting all of my *** on display. I love wearing that thing.....especially where no one knows me....hard to wear around my small town.

Same feeling as in a saquzzi? bubbels all over!!!

My kind of woman. You are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love it tooo especially if there is a nice breeze blowing!

One time I went pantyless under a really short rara ruffle skirt made of really floaty thin white cotton and the day was a little breezy... I was so horny and excited walking down the street feeling the air teasing me between my legs and lifting the skirt up every now and then. As I neared the corner the wind got a little breezier and each time the higher the skirt lifted higher I got more and more turned on. then when I crossed the blew right up... totally exposing me to cars driving by. By the time I got into my local shop, I could feel myself dripping wet. Needless to say I rushed home and took care of a very urgent need....

Do you even know what the word means? **** (sl t). n. 1. a. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. b. A woman prostitute. 2. A slovenly woman; a slattern,a person of low character. And how does enjoying a short skirt make me all this?

i also don't wear panties sometimes i just love when the wind blows up my skirt also. will you be my friend.

Its very hot to see a girl in public with no panties on , if i'am lucky and also when i know someone is pantyless the thoughts that go thru my mind???? and the pics i create there......... thanks for sharing

that happens when u drink too much, i get drunk and walk home with only a t-shirt on, but i know i had fun, because my ******* is sore and wet

If it feels good, do it.

Lucky you! I've lost clothing... time... <br />
<br />
But at least I never gained a fetus or an std!

Yeah... once or twice I really had to wonder what happened to them too! Then I gave up gin and I started to remember better.

God! I've only done this once or twice... generally because something... um... happened .... to my panties... <br />
<br />
But it can be so itchy in wool!