Teasing and Pleasing

When I was married to my second husband he would always want me to wear a silky top with no bra and the shortest skirt I had with no panties when we went out. He said he loved seeing the way my top would keep my nipples hard and he loved it when I would bend over and my skirt would ride up to expose my butt.

However, if the truth be known I think I enjoyed it way more than he knew. I love it when guys see and want what I have and what better way to show than by going pantyless.

I remember one night he had invited about four of his friends over to play cards. He had me wear a short skirt and a button up blouse. I was going serve their every needs as my husband put it. After they had been playing for only about five minutes he decided that it would be better if I were topless. That was fine.

A little later when I was reaching across the table to pick up an empty glass my husband got up and took me from the back giving his friends a show. When he finished he invited his friends to relieve their tension. They did.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

You are my kind of sexy Hotwife!!!! Thanks for sharing!

u still married to him? gee i wish i could find a girl like u. He might have been lucky, but u have got to be courageous or very horny to go thru with it. hun

I'm envious, that sounds hot. Your husband is a lucky man. Keep showing off your beautiful treasure!

Why can't I find friends like your hubby?