Pantyess Driving With My Skirt Hiked Up

I love to go pantyless and pull my dress or skirt up to my waist after I buckle in and get ready for the drive home.  I get a thrill out of hiking my free leg up and flashing truckers and Texans in big trucks .... 

Teenkerbell Teenkerbell
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11 Responses Aug 13, 2009

Sometimes my hubby and i go for a drive and i am pretty much naked i usually wear a summet dress with nothing underneath i let it slip down my shoulders so my boobs are exposed and i pull it up so if you are hgh enough you can see my *****

Texas male here in San Antonio would LOVE to drive next to you. I enjoy having my thick 9" out in case I see a woman driving like you do or to let someone else get a look at me.

I love to drive around with my wife and expose her as we drive. It is always a thrill when another driver notices that her bra is uncovered and that my fingers are caressing her flesh. Every once in awhile I convince her to do this with a skirt on. On even rarer occasions, she will go without panties but when she is without panties, it is very, very difficult to get her to let me slide her skirt up very high. I sure wish she was more like you. Please add me as a friend.

Do you finger yourself when driving?

WOW, That is very nice of you, Ya know, if it weren't for our truckers to bring us everything we need in life we the people would be in alot of hard work trouble. The MRS. also will flash her **** at truckers when were on the highway and a few times have laid back with her head in my lap to show her hot little ***** allowing me to play with her ***** & finger her as drive next to them for a peep show. So lady's the next time you drive by a trucker, remember everything in cluding the car your driving in had a trucker bring it to you. SO FLASH THEM EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO SAY THANK YOU

Damn. How did I miss you?

Today ..... just *** flashing .... not quiet as exciting as ***** flashing, but still a rush! :)

man that would make my day to look down and see your great nipples looking back at me wowwwwwww

I JUST LOVE FLASHING TO TRUCKERS, might try it without knickers on one day if I dare ;-)

Think I may just move to Texas<br />
<br />
Seems that there are some wonderfully free-spirited women out there.<br />

If this is true, in real life, take a picture next time. Send one my way :)