It Feels So Naughty


     I remember the first time I went out without panties, I was so scared, but loved the exciting feeling I got.  I still go pantyless when I can and I love how naughty it feels.  My husband loves it when we go out and I am not wearing any panties. I often wonder if other people can tell if I am not wearing panties.  I will look at my reflection in store windows, and in mirrors to see if it shows.  When I am wearing slacks and no panties, there is not a panty line, and that is a give away.  If I am wearing a lite skirt or dress out in the sun then I think it is obvious when I am not wearing panties.  I think it is such a turn on when people know that i am not wearing panties, and I enjoy their looks.

     What is especially nice is if someone might get an accidental view while I am pantyless.  There have been times when I have gotten out of the car, and given people an accidental flash, or when wearing a dress, and the wind blows it up.  There have been times walking up and down stairs when I wasn't wearing panties, that i noticed  people looking.  I have on occasion gone out to a club pantyless with husband, and knowing guys can see up my skirt.

     The only draw back with going pantyless is cold or rainy weather, you do get a breath of cold air under your skirt.  Overall I love the feeling of walking panyless, and will continue to do so.

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Just yesterday, I was behind a couple of young women heading into a grocery store from the parking lot. It was a hot, muggy day and one of them was wearing a light, loose, short dress--very attractive and, I'm sure, very comfortable in the heat. As she came even with the building, a gust of wind lifted her dress for just a second, giving me a delightful peek at her pretty, young, pantyless bottom. I got instant wood. It made my day. Thank you to all you ladies who are confident enough in your sexuality to 'dare to go bare under there'. I admire and appreciate you.

Hi i live in east texas and its like tottaly famous for its windy days i only were light mega mini skirts never were panties and always make sure that my hands are to full to hold my skirt down yesturday i went to gas station around lunch and parked infront of a constution crew getting gas as soon as i got out of my car my skirt went straight up tottaly exposeing everything to the construction crew i see them staring and pretend to have problems with the gas handel so i have an excuse not to push it back down i love it when guys put their cell phones under my skirt once they see they usually get more pics up my skirt last week i was pushing my almost 7 month old daughter mindy in her strooler i took her to dairy queen she loves ice cream but was haveing a hard time getting into the door and these two high school boys sneak up and pull my skirt up i look in the resturant everyone looking right at my naked ***** i was so turned on i had to get my vibrator out and *** a few times when i got home mmmm

Awesome and I love that you will continue in the style!

I have done all the things that you do, and a lot more besides. I deliberately create situations where I know someone can look up my short skirt and see my naked cu-nt. God, how it turns me on!

O am already turned.

it feels awesum wen i got dos lookz wen i go commando

i dont always go pantyless but when i do i lovee the feeling haha...i usually go pantyless when i wear spandex, sweats, and skirts...i tried with jeans but the crotch kept rubbing and it felt uncomfortable. but i love the rush i get when a guy realizes that im not wearing any and they try so hard to either look up my skirt or look at my crotch when im wearing spandex lol...ive even practiced in a mirror just how far apart i can spread my legs to kind of tease them so they cant really see my "area" but can like kind of tell i shave...its such a turn on lol when they realize that im shaved, guys like that i guess haha

The biggest pleasure of being pantyless under a short skirt is knowing that at any time you may be exposed accidentally.<br />
I never wear anything under my skirts and this has happened many times, although sometimes I have deliberately given someone a flash of my clean shaven *****. This really makes me wet.

The same thing happens to me, I get so turned on I'm dripping wet

so naughty, ban all knickers, burn em burn em i say!<br />
lol<br />
So sexy, thanks for sharing and being so free ^^,<br />

This whole summer I am out without underwear under my micro short minidress.

It is a wonderfull experience for the male if he gets a glimps of that woman's boly part which is most private and most personal

It is very exciting to the male when he has good reason to believe that a woman is not wearing panties in public. It give him a beautiful sensation inside and that makes his day.

It is also very exciting for the male if he believes a woman is not wearing panties in public.

I almost never wear underwear, my gf is getting into it, too. ;-P

If I was a girl there would be times when I would not wear panties. Summer time is great and it is cool to vent the area. Besides, if I am on a date or meet somebody, better for playing and peeing. One of my ex girlfriends never wore any when we went on a date. It was a blast fingering and playing with her.

Babs does that. She likes to go to a resteraunt with any panties iwearing her favorite very loose mallot top. She likes a window table facing the window and spreads her legs when men walk by and look in. When she can without other customers knowing, whe pulls the mallot open and lets the men outside see her t-its and her p-ussy at the same time. One guy actually came in and suggested we move to a corner booth. He never said another word. He sat down next to her and right away slid his hand under her mallot and massaged her t-it till she was really truned on. He moved his hand down to her p-ussy and fingered it til she c-ummed right there in the booth while I just wqatched and sipped my coffee. He left right away, not saying anything. I guess the waitress know what was happening because after he left she finally came around and told her she need another cup of coffee. That's when I noticed they had an audience, many of the other customers were watching her.<br />
<br />
And it all started with her showing her goodies. Keep it up, you may get the same pleasure, maybe even on the sidewalk.

Thank you CME. That does happen here as well. There is a section down town where the wind whips the canyons created by the tall buildings, and it does blow up our skirts. It used to be embarrassing to me be waiting for the bus, and the wind wind blowing up my skirt, and having to fight the skirt to keep it it down. I know all the guys were standing around watching waiting for it to happen, becaused it happened to all the women. However now I enjoy it when it happens, even as I have become more daring, and not always wearing panties. I do know what you mean about the staircases and escalators giving good views when going down them. You often see guys turning and looking back up.

In one city I used to live in, we would eat lunch downtown. The tall buildings created a nice breeze and during the summer short skirts would get lifted, exposing bare bottoms, etc. I never thought about being flashed on a staircase until I was on a college campus. I was walking down the stairs and hear someone call my name. I stopped and looked up. It say a very nice bare *** beneath a skirt walking up the stairs. Always appreciate it. Feel free to leave the underwear at home any time.

i wish all women would do it ,, its great...

There's nothing like the excitement that you feel when you're dressed to tease! Hubby loves it when we go to a club and I leave the underwear at home...

I too was shy at first, but once I got up the nerve to do it a few times, I loved it. It is such a rush to like get out of the car, and give a guy an accidental flash, and get an appreciative smile in exchange.

Its so hot knowing some women out there are pantyless and if your lucky get a glimpse of their bare *** or sweet smooth ***** in public. i know i have seen a few and have been caught enjoying the view!! its still a very sexy hot thing to see women comfortable and enjoying being seen in public on purpose and accidentally...... ill always be looking girls its my nature to admire the scenery and views of gods best creation.... sorry if staring (admiring it ) is obvious i just love the beauty of womens bodies all of it.....

That's just wickedly sexy! Luv it and wish I could see more of it.

I find it more exciting now, knowing that they know, and what they might see.

"I find it exciting when strangers can see up my skirt and see my panties." Hmmmmm, this from your post earlier in January. Now that you're not wearing panties, how do you feel when strangers make deliberate efforts to get ******* views of you?

I love it when women feel comfortable enough to go pantyless. My wife does it often and ofcourse I have gone commando for over forty years now

We have to places like certain clubs where I have gone braless in a sheer blouse. I love doing that in certain places.

Have you tried going braless? Sheer blouses? Low cut blouses? Blouses unbuttoned below your bra?

I love women who tease that way, it is so erotic, those little glimpses of seeing a woman bare!!<br />
That is hot!!!

That is great<br />
Panties are too confinding for ladies.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Admirable. I just regret that I can't follow you upstairs.