I'D Rather

There is magic in the moonlight
As it dances on the water
Painting glimmering silver
All the waves from off the ocean

And the sea oats dance the rhythm
Of the winds from off the ocean
As the waves pound on the beaches
With their swirling, timeless motion

I sit amidst this restful beauty
Let my mind run free
Down the many roads I've taken
All the things that make me, me

This was written by my dad, many years ago. It speaks to my heart. A deserted, wind-swept beach is among the most amazing places on earth. Oak Island, NC or Beaufort... Places where you can simply look, listen and taste creation.
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Odd how Lortab affects you. I'm all drugged up right now and just read this. What popped into my mind was "But there are nowhere near as many cute women at the beach in Winter."

I have no defense against drugged Mark. He wins!

I'd say the Lortab can't bring anything to the surface that isn't already there! I would, in all honesty, rather look at cute women that 55 year old men with metal detectors. Call me crazy!

And here I am guys...no fears! :))

But soul, you've given me nothing to look at - I might as well be 100% blind! No.... no, that would be better. 100% blind and you know you can never look. Now, I could look, I'm just not allowed to do so!

LOL...well I could say the same to you. :)

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So beautiful...wow he writes great! Oak island is nice. :)

I love Oak Island. It is a favorite spot for us.