Everything Is Safer Now

Well, actually, what I should say is "I like to walk at Night." I feel less scrutinized... less open to danger when I am walking at night (be it the danger of being mugged, knifed, or to see the look of pain on some poor soul's face who sees mine). I prefer walking alone to walking with people, but if I must.... well I guess its good to share with friends/family/lovers. Anyway, darkness is like cover, if I am in the city, the fewer street lights, the better. I feel like I am one with myself, finally accepting this meat machine, when night closes in like a blanket - I become safe in her.
When sight has been taken from you by the shroud of night all of your other senses come alive: you feel the wind on your cheeks, hear the rustle of the aspen, smell the crisp air, taste the moisture..... at least I do. Even though it takes away some of the cover of darkness, I love walking at night in the snow too.... but I like it best in the fall - the crisp air, the falling leaves, the early evening - Elysium! Add in a harvest moon and my soul finally knows no pain.....
menschfeind menschfeind
Jul 18, 2010