Me and my close friend went down to a frozen river for no reason whatsoever, both of us wearing wellies and heavy coats. We were almost there when my friend decided to jump down a hill, he landed right in front of a storm drain that had been gushing water for the past days. He landed in a large pit of mud, he sank up his waist. He screamed for my help, so I waded in to him. When I reached the middle both our boots had filled with mud and become completely stuck. Just our luck, the storm drain drenched us with more water and some clay like stuff. Finally my friend had sunk up to his neck when he finally listened to my advice, he removed his jacket and shirt. I did the same and we ditched our boots. We climbed out barefoot and very very cold. The boots had sunk so far in that we couldn't see them anymore, now the lake had no water in it, it was completely mud and clay, and that was the only way across. We went in at the same time, sinking to our shoulders. We waded until we both got stuck in some quicksand like goop. That was perhaps the funniest day of my life
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Very cool story :D