I Watch the Movie All the Way to the Rating

My kids can't stand it, but my wife and love to sit through the entire experience.


Well, first I like to listen to the music, second, I want to see all the jobs that go into making a movie, third, I want to acknowledge all the people that worked on the movie, and fourth, I don't need to be part of the crush of people trying to get out at the same time. And fifth, sometimes there's a treat in there for those of us with a little patience.

I take film seriously - I took two years of film-making, I sit in the center, two-thirds back, to get the flattest, most evenly lit image, I read the more detailed reviews in journals, etc. etc. etc.

Let the barbarians storm the exits for the bathrooms, snack bar, and parking lot. Give me those four extra minutes of movie to share with my wife, whining kids, and those other, select, few, who want the full movie-going experience.

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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

I have to agree. I have always stayed for the credits. And I've never regretted it. You are right, there is a lot to be said for the end credit music, and someone put time and talent into creating this movie that we have just enjoyed, so I like to read who they are. right down to the stunt people, the drivers, the caterers, the assistant to the assistant director, and all of the music credits.

I like to do that too as I can also think about the bits I liked best and take in the whole feeling. Hate the scrum!

I do want to start doing this because I missed the ending of the last Pirates movie. I heard later there was a scene after the credits and I was angry with myself. I have learned my lesson. I also like the music for the credits.