A Little Lesson In Humiliation

I have to say I enjoy a good **** in the pants once in a while. A few weeks ago I was working on a Saturday on an outdoor job, no toilet available. the day started with a boss who was being nice bringing around a large coffee, water and other drinks as the day was warm. I was wearing the traditional workman's uniform of blue dickies and as the day went on I had to ****. But due to where we were and what had to be done I did not get a chance to go. Needless to say I was having all I could do to hold my water. We finished the job and I was going to use the bathroom at the train station but the door was locked so got on my train home, standing room only and almost got to my stop when I lost it and pissed a gusher, soaked my underpants, my uniform pants and **** ran down my legs onto the floor. A couple of older ladies tried to be polite but they were sure looking at my soaked basket and another man stated what was evident, " Man you pissed your pants" Finally got off the train and walked the two blocks to my place and no way to hide it, everyone could see that I had pissed myself.
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Some people just like to try and see how cruel they can be. Sorry about that. Still, wetting is the most fun that you can have with your clothes on. I usually wear black slacks that don't show anything, since I never know when they might be wet. Still, one day I got caught, and some guy said something similar to me. I just smiled, and told him "It feels great. You should try it sometime." Then I walked away happy while he stared at me with a stupid look on his face.<br />
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Thanks for your input. I enjoy peeing my pants. I like to see the **** darkening my pants and running down my leg and also fun is walking around with good **** wet pants.

Yes, I agree. I love the way pants look as they are getting wet. I also love the feeling of walking around wet.

Stay wet, stay happy.


Wish you were closer, we could go to pub and tank up and not let each other use the toilet, I would like to watch your pants get wet as your **** soaks your pants and underpants and then you could do the same to me as I wet myself, then maybe we could go for a walk together.