Watching Guys Poop

What can I say? It's taboo, it's dirty, it's private. It turns me on to watch a guy taking a dump. Whether he is filling his pants or diaper with a nice messy load or maybe ******** somewhere else naughty. I love desperation too. I enjoy reading stories about guys who have had accidents and pooped themselves because they couldn't make it to a toilet. This is the kind of stuff I like to ********** too. And yes I have pooped in my panties before once when I was really horny and felt the urge. What do you think guys?

lioness55 lioness55
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really hot

Me 2 I would love to play with a guys **** through his pants, hell I'm open to girls too!

hey liones55 . my name is david. male 26 from cali. I can poop for you on skype if you like. I would really be turned on doing this for you

I am have videos of myself dropping big logs with a lot of grunting.

skype : david.garcia_toiletboy
make your self a poopeelife profile

add me

You can watch me poop anytime :-)

Very nice, i love to poop in womens panties and JO AFTER, WOULD love to see your reaction...

I enjoy this taboo and find it very hot to watch a guy or girl pooping on the toilet!

hey my name is david. im male 26 and fit. i have been told i have nice buns. If you want to watch me poop we can schedule it. add me on skype and i can show you my butt in action.

Oh man be so hot to watch you poop

add me germanwomanstoilet gml male 26 hispanic. You can watch me poop anytime

I would love to watch you poop?


I have some pooping pants experiences a while ago. Read my stories: I pooped my pants many times, even in public while shopping in a store. And if you are interested add me to watch some photos of my already pooped jeans...

I never use to find this hot, but me too, my **** gets so hard recently watching a guy mess his pants or poop on camera... I **** to it too, and I have also pooped my pants and was really horny after

nice to see that their are other people who enjoy watching of spying on a guy on the hot!guys take a dump! I'm more into voyeur

I really enjoy pooping my underwear or women's panties. I would love for you to watch me **** with or without clothes on and would love to watch you **** in your panties or without your panties. Get in touch if your interested.

I think that sounds incredibly hot. Would love to chat with you.

I think it's hottest when it's a 6-11 year old I'm pretty young under 18 but I waked into a bathroom today and saw a boy around 6 I'm guessing walk into a stall and pull down his pants to poop Instant turn on sadly I could see under the stall

Sweet, you're a girl I'd love to meet! lol

I'm happy to poop for anyone who wants to watch me, male or female. south coast UK here.

add me, or contact me on

I poop on cam sometimes add me on skype...lryplg

If only I could find someone like you in real life my life would then be completely complete. :(

I'd be happy to do it in my pants for you to watch.

I love to watch girls ******** their panties, but I also like to be watched by girls

That sounds hot afulldiaper1. I would love to drop a load in my panties while sitting on a guys lap, or **** him while he is taking a **** in his boxers.<br />
<br />
I go to whenever I'm feeling horny and want to watch guys loading their pants with poop. It's a great site. Took me a while to find a site that wasn't too graphic (smearing and eating... not sexy)<br />
<br />
But I love to watch a huge firm poop stretching a guys *******, desperate to get out. Also really sexy hearing him grunt as he tries to push everything out.

would you change my diaper as i would yours

Me personally i prefer sexy girls doing this sort of thing although it's nice and sometimes funny to see this sort of thing guys or girls.<br />
A tip u eat eggs ur smell of them if u don't u will smell sweet even when u poo! poopoo!!!!! OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!!! By the way i'm straight and am into girls.

it makes me so wet to think about guys ******** their pants. omg.

i feel the same way but with girls. So i guess its equal. Taboo but hypnotizing.

Hi so do i as i spyed on my best Friend Andy on a beach when he was took short and had to take a crap, as it was in a remote place, he wanted me to come with him and told me not to watch, but out of curiosity i did and it was the most fantastic experience and realy turned me on, and also relised i was fully GAY after this incident.Sadly i have only seen this about a dozen times since but i am always on the look out for a lad in urgent need of relief prefarably outdoors but it is RARE in the Uk.Does anybody know where i might be able to get some outdoor ******** action where i can spy on a fit lad taking a dump or any dvd ;s with fit lads taking dumps pref outside but no eating or smearing that is just YUCK

18702751994 ladys who enjoy pooping there panties only

Sounds sexy X3 I like yous :P

i d like you to sit in my lap and go..then i could check you and change you..i would love the same

my girlfriend loves to watch me poop. I found out when once i was caught short in the woods. I squatted down to pooh and she started masturbatng in front of me as she watched. She loves to kiss my arshole as well while rubbing and humping herself.

i have pooped myself when I couldn't hold it I was walking home and I was going to try to make it I couldn't so I was feeling horny and naughty and went in my pants I let it go slow then just loaded myself I went home with load in their and *********** would you ever watch me I would do it in front of you would you do it with me

Mm I would love to share some dirty stories with you sometime. I also love watching woman poop their panties, especially either from desperation or just if they really enjoy it. =]<br />
<br />
You sound extremely kinky and hot.

hi a tall, muscular and goodloocking german sportsman...and i do it on purpose... i love to do it together with a girl, who's also into but thats hard to find! i have had just one girlfriend and this was the most erotic time of my life!<br />
<br />
i love to watch big, soft loads sliding into her pants, to squish it a bit and to **** that ****** ********, wile ******** myself with a hot soft big load too. <br />
<br />
best of all is the preperation (special diet) and the urge forced wth caster-oil or similar laxatives, wich causes a big soft serve (not liquid ****!).<br />
<br />
i watch you in my phantasy and maybe changing pics?

You can watch me, as well, Steph ;-)

I am totally into it.

I love watching guys poop! I've done it in the next stall in public bathrooms and at home.

I will watch you.

You can poop your panties for me any time, sweety. We can both do it, then have fun cleaning up afterward. <br />
The thought of it makes my head spin, and my pants feel too tight. ;-)