There was some housewife (probably 50) watching me and my boss work in her driveway. More than anything I'd say she was annoying. Everything that we were gonna throw into the tuck she stopped us and said, "Do you think I could sell that?" and "Is it going to be recycled?".

I don't know if she was just trying being nice or whatever. But when my boss was writing up a receipt she started talking to me. "Do you sing? Because you have such a nice deep voice." and "You're studying engineering? That's great." Felt slightly uncomfortable.

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Wow. The number of teenboys that may have walked away from my door thinking I was some kind of desperate housewife in a sexless marriage...<br />
<br />
I will have to stop taking an interest in young people and their lives, hopes, and experiences. :^ )

That reminds me of The Graduate for some reason. I guess your Dustin Hoffman lol

Lol! It's like your own personal episode of deparate housewives!

HA HA! Come on...she liked you. Poor neglected housewives need a little eye candy to look at now and then.